Tips to relieve back pain

relieve back pain
July 2, 2012

The back pain is a pain in the region of the spine, which is very uncomfortable and can happen to anyone. In some cases it is very serious and some are mild, but in general back pain is extremely common. If not treated early may have a high risk of problems in the spine. Consider the following home remedies for back pain: Take back rubs in case you have back…


Strange reasons that could lead to headaches

lead headaches
May 29, 2012

The headaches divide several types and diversified according to the degree of pain that recent. The headaches also characterized as organic or not. The causes of this illness is diversified according to cases, one of them are surprising. Your boss at work Yes … Your boss may be the cause of headaches, each time the stress level is high makes you more vulnerable to migraine or tension headaches. Heat temperature…


Arthritis or joint pain

April 18, 2012

The arthritis is when one or more joints become inflamed. A joint is the point at which two bones meet. What is joint pain? The joint pain is caused most often by some types of injuries or conditions without apparent cause, which can be quite annoying for the sufferer. The rheumatoid arthritis is a autoimmune disorder makes joints stiff and cause pain to the sufferer. The osteoarthritis comes to giving,…


What to eat to have stomach pain?

stomach pain
January 28, 2012

Do not worry, have stomach pain is not uncommon, and less if you play sports, even if you keep a good diet, can have moments that our stomach decides to have a few headaches and remember its existence. Before this, if we do not want to go to the doctor why aren’t pains very deep and consecutive, we can take various alternatives to minimize this pain, although it is clear…