How to Sleep After Stopping Trazodone [Tips and Strategies]

How to Sleep After Stopping Trazodone

In the journey towards improved sleep quality and mental well-being, there may come a time when you need to discontinue the use of certain medications like Trazodone. This decision can be influenced by various factors, such as changes in your medical condition, treatment plan adjustments, or simply the desire to explore drug-free sleep solutions.

However, navigating the process of sleeping after stopping Trazodone can be accompanied by challenges, which is why we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to assist you in achieving restful nights naturally.

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Why Does My Neck Sweat When I Sleep?

Neck Sweat When Sleep

Sleep is essential for our overall well-being, allowing our bodies and minds to rejuvenate and recharge. However, there are times when our sleep can be disrupted by unexpected occurrences, such as sweating excessively around the neck area.

Elevated body temperature due to fevers and various underlying health issues can result in nighttime perspiration affecting both the head and neck regions. Women experiencing menopause and men with low testosterone levels may encounter this phenomenon.

In this article, we will discover the reasons behind nighttime neck sweat and learn effective solutions to manage it.

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Kleptomania: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Kleptomania is an Impulse-control disorder (ICD) whose main characteristic is an intense impulse to steal unnecessary objects, almost always of little value. It is a rare mental illness, which is often accompanied by other emotional imbalances.

The kleptomaniac does not plan their robberies nor seeks to benefit from them. This imperious need to take control of what is foreign arises from the intense emotion caused by the act itself. However, later, they may experience a sense of shame or guilt.

Although there is currently no cure for kleptomania, medication treatment and psychological therapy can help reduce the cycle of compulsive theft. Unfortunately, many refuse to seek support, because they do not accept their problem or fear being judged.

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How to treat urine infection

treat urine infection

Do you have a urinary infection? When microorganisms invade the urinary tract it is likely that they begin to experience the symptoms of urine infection among which stand out the stinging when urinating, the constant feeling of having to go to the bathroom or discomfort in the abdomen area.

It is important to learn to detect these signs to start as soon as possible with the treatment that will help you to alleviate the discomfort and to be able to return to normal as soon as possible. In this article, we tell you how to treat urine infection both pharmacologically and with home remedies.

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Spring Asthenia: What it is and how to overcome it

spring asthenia

Spring asthenia is a transient disorder caused by seasonal changes. It manifests mainly with a feeling of weakness, accompanied by loss of appetite, problems to fall asleep and loss of concentration. The effects of asthenia are usually mild and relapse in less than two weeks.

The arrival of spring, with more hours of daylight, is not always well received by those people most vulnerable to seasonal variations. Experts acknowledge that women are more prone to suffer from spring asthenia, without an explicit cause to determine. Spring is also the season of the year in which there are more allergic processes.

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Changes in the body due to anxiety: 10 physical signs

anxiety crisis

Unrest, fear, despair and daily stress are factors that can lead to an anxiety crisis. Generally, when one of these crises occurs, it is not an isolated episode and often repeated over time in such a way that it becomes a chronic illness. The effects of anxiety are not only psychological, this nervous condition has a series of symptoms or physical signs that we present below…..

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Fibromyalgia: Possible Problems in Sexual Relationships


The fibromyalgia is one of the pathologies with woman’s face, that is, these are the most vulnerable to suffer from it.

A disorder whose main symptoms are fatigue and continuous muscle aches, that others may also have difficulty sleeping, headache, generalized or localized stiffness in the morning, tingling or numbness in the hands and feet, digestive disturbances, difficulty concentrating or painful menstrual periods.


Fibromyalgia does not affect physical level, also emotional. Thus, fatigue and continued pain, can affect the quality of life of the sufferer and their mood.

People with fibromyalgia are more vulnerable to episodes of anxiety, sadness or depression. Fibromyalgia also evolves in outbreaks, with phases of improvement and worsening. All this makes living with fibromyalgia is not always easy. In fact, we are dealing with a disorder that can affect the couple relationships.

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Reasons of why your fingers are always cold

fingers always cold

When it is cold and the temperature is low, it is normal that our fingers to be cold, because the limbs receive less blood pressure because it is focused more on the vital organs.

But what happens when our fingers are always cold even though the temperature is warm. The reasons can be more than one.

Raynaud’s Disorder

Raynaud’s disorder is a rare condition in which there is a narrowing of the blood vessels in the fingers (sometimes also the toes and the nose), which causes the fingers to cool down, become white, then blue and once the blood flow returns it turn red; we also feel numbness and tingling.

The good thing that Raynaud’s disorder is transient, can be avoided with a change of diet, wearing gloves and avoiding emotional stress, which is almost always the cause of this evil.

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How to detox your body?

detox your body

Are you feeling lethargic or tired? Do you suffer from skin disorders, get sick quickly or have digestive problems? Do you have trouble losing weight? It might be a good idea to go on a detox.

detox your body

There are so many different kinds of detoxes that it might be hard to know which one to choose – thin tea detox, smoothie detox or soup detox.

Detoxing has been around for centuries but only recently has it gained a lot of attention and become popular. Detoxing is a way of cleansing your body from the inside out. This results in removal of toxins, cleaning and nourishing your body and then feeding it with healthy food and essential nutrients.

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