Headache on the right side: Most common causes

headache on right side
February 23, 2015

The pain that tends to occur on the right side of the head is not precisely common pathology. Accompanying the recurring discomfort in the affected area, usually appear others in the area around the right eye can be, in themselves, the main trigger of the disease to inform us of that condition. Migraines on the right side of the head often associated with migraine attacks which ultimately can lead us…


How to overcome the continuous headaches

continuous headaches
December 4, 2013

Headaches are such a nasty disease as widespread among the world population, which leaves behind the goal of eliminating as far as possible the appellant of this evil. The most important face to solve the problem is to certify if headaches are transient or persistent. If these are problems may be due to lack of sleep, sun exposure or stress to any specific event. If instead we felt a usual…


Methods to combat migraines

combat migraines
August 12, 2013

Both the origin of migraines and its cure are still mysteries unsolved. In any case prevention and strategies to avoid certain that you can get to trigger any crisis, are the best steps to take to combat it. Why do it occur? It is said that migraines are the way in which the brain says “enough” when it is for different reasons as concerns or work reaching force our stamina…


Relieves migraine with these tips

relieves migraine
August 3, 2013

Migraine can go from an annoying episode an enemy that affects our daily performance. But we provide some suggestions for the fight it effectively. It is not just a little pain, headache, migraines go far beyond that, making the trouble arises with such intensity that developing any parallel activity almost impossible. For those who suffer from migraine headaches the occasional problem is no more, but those women who are constantly…


In form in the office: Exercises to avoid headaches!

office exercise
January 18, 2013

If you work as administrative, receptionist or will care to the public spend many hours sitting in the same position. You don’t discover anything new if we tell you that you must perform breaks and alter your position to prevent contractures and poor circulation. But yes we are going to tell you a few small tips and a few simple exercises that are highly recommended to avoid headaches. Choose a…


Strange reasons that could lead to headaches

lead headaches
May 29, 2012

The headaches divide several types and diversified according to the degree of pain that recent. The headaches also characterized as organic or not. The causes of this illness is diversified according to cases, one of them are surprising. Your boss at work Yes … Your boss may be the cause of headaches, each time the stress level is high makes you more vulnerable to migraine or tension headaches. Heat temperature…