Strange reasons that could lead to headaches

The headaches divide several types and diversified according to the degree of pain that recent. The headaches also characterized as organic or not. The causes of this illness is diversified according to cases, one of them are surprising.

lead headaches

Your boss at work
Yes … Your boss may be the cause of headaches, each time the stress level is high makes you more vulnerable to migraine or tension headaches.

Heat temperature
The risk increases with increasing temperature, a recent study, and researchers found worsening increases 7.5% for each 9 degrees F.

Pungent odor
Strong odors even though it is nice crises give headaches in some people. The causes of such a reaction are not yet known.

Hair accessories
The manner in which you carry your accessories can play a role in the attacks of headache, whether loops, hat or other…

Sports exercises
Violent sports or exercise influences inflation through blood vessels in the head, neck and scalp with this crisis.

Sit well
A good position for those who work in offices reduces the degree of risk. It must indeed have a good position with the screen keyboard and chair.

The made to eat on time or a meal can start zapping pain, that due to the drop in blood sugar. Eat cheese like mozzarella or parmesan is known as common cause. Meat mainly dealt with the nitrates conservation accelerates the blood speed toward the head. In late caffeine simultaneously remedy and cause of the problem must be a way to moderate.

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