Giving birth to girls is less painful than bringing boys into the world

giving birth to girls

For most pregnant women, childbirth is an especially painful time. However, did you know that 1 in 100 women feel less pain than the average when giving birth to their children?

This was demonstrated by a study carried out at the University of Cambridge, in which they analyzed resistance to pain in a group of women who did not need relief when giving birth. The results revealed that these women had a higher pain threshold due to a genetic mutation in the KCNG4 gene.

However, not only this genetic mutation can reduce discomfort during childbirth, there is another factor that can affect pain thresholds when giving birth: the gender of the baby.

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4 Simple Tips to Remain Healthy Amidst a Busy Schedule

remain healthy amidst

Being busy has its pros and cons. On the one hand, having a full agenda means that you’re probably being productive and working hard towards achieving your goals. However, the downside is that you’re likely so preoccupied with responsibilities at work, and duties at home, that you’ve forgotten to care for yourself and address your personal needs.

The reality is that looking after your best interests is neither as challenging nor as complicated as it sounds. It doesn’t even require a considerable commitment of time either. However, it needs consistency.

So, if you find yourself struggling to maintain healthy habits amidst your busy schedule, here are a few simple tips that may guide you in the correct direction.

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Broccoli coffee: New in healthy drinks

broccoli coffee

If you are a coffee lover, but you do not really ‘like’ it very well either to the stomach or the caffeine impacts you badly, the best option for you has arrived: broccoli coffee.

Scientists from the company HORT Innovation and CSIRO, Australia, have created the broccoli coffee. According to specialists, this was thought in order to eat the recommended amount of vegetables per day.

It is a broccoli powder that aims to preserve the nutritional value and flavor of the vegetable and thus take advantage of the benefits it brings to our health.

This alternative of broccoli powder had already begun to be used in certain dishes. Seeing that this worked, the scientists decided to add it to a beverage that much of the world’s population consumes: coffee.

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Ways to Reduce Backaches with effective Prenatal Chiropractic Care

prenatal chiropractic care

Some of the most sensitive groups of people include pregnant women since they face many issues during this period. For example, backaches are common prenatal issues as your baby bump grows, and it may become so severe requiring health services.

Generally, taking painkillers when pregnant is not advisable? Why is that? These pills tend to cause more harm than good to the baby. Suppose you are experiencing severe backaches during your prenatal period; the best option you can settle for is prenatal chiropractic care. It is a hands-on treatment that doesn’t require any medicine hence posing no danger to the baby. Due to its benefits, many mothers have embraced this care making their prenatal days better.

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