5 Ways To Keep Your Teeth In Top Condition

keep teeth top condition

Teeth are a vital part of the body, helping with eating, self-confidence, and speech. They’re also one of the most used and abused parts of the body, with the act of eating causing potential damage with every bite. But despite how dramatic that sounds, there are plenty of ways to take care of your teeth … Read more

What is Compression Clothing and what is it for?

compression clothing

Many times you will have seen runners who use compression socks, stockings or pants when they go running, especially in races. But do you know what compression garments are really for? In this article I am going to reveal to you what compression clothing is, how it works, its benefits and the types of garments … Read more

How to know if we have osteoarthritis or arthritis?

osteoarthritis and arthritis

Both osteoarthritis and arthritis have in common that they affect the joints. The human body has more than 300 joints that can potentially be affected by these diseases, which cause pain, loss of mobility and therefore reduce the quality of life. Although the causes are different, they have in common that being overweight and sedentary … Read more

Giving birth to girls is less painful than bringing boys into the world

giving birth to girls

For most pregnant women, childbirth is an especially painful time. However, did you know that 1 in 100 women feel less pain than the average when giving birth to their children?

This was demonstrated by a study carried out at the University of Cambridge, in which they analyzed resistance to pain in a group of women who did not need relief when giving birth. The results revealed that these women had a higher pain threshold due to a genetic mutation in the KCNG4 gene.

However, not only this genetic mutation can reduce discomfort during childbirth, there is another factor that can affect pain thresholds when giving birth: the gender of the baby.

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List of foods harmful to your metabolism

What are the harmful foods for your metabolism? The metabolism is one of those bodily processes that are surrounded by myths. Many people make claims about metabolism and it’s functioning without having much idea of ​​what they are talking about, so these misconceptions spread and become beliefs that take root in popular knowledge and that … Read more

Omega 3 and Omega 6 in our diet

Omega 3 and Omega 6

Omega 3 and omega 6 are polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids, that is, fats that we must obtain through the diet, since the body is not able to synthesize them. Omega-3 fatty acids There are three types of most common omega-3: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid): Found in fish and plankton DHA (docosahexaenoic acid): Found in fish, … Read more

What is the dermapen or microneedling treatment?

microneedling treatment

Haven’t you found an effective treatment to reduce your stretch marks? Would you like to show off a skin without scars? Do you want to rejuvenate your complexion? Thinking about getting a stretch mark treatment with dermapen and want tips on microneedling before and after? The dermapen or microneedling treatment is a cosmetic process that … Read more