What is the dermapen or microneedling treatment?

microneedling treatment

Haven’t you found an effective treatment to reduce your stretch marks? Would you like to show off a skin without scars? Do you want to rejuvenate your complexion? Thinking about getting a stretch mark treatment with dermapen and want tips on microneedling before and after? The dermapen or microneedling treatment is a cosmetic process that … Read more

Various Ways of Using Chiropractic Care to Treat Pain

chiropractic care to treat pain

Chiropractic care is a common way of dealing with strains, creaks, pain, and aches. After all, it has proven to be effective. Additionally, people who have experienced it in various institutions such as Diamond Chiropractic can attest to that. It has several advantages, including working on a wide array of pains regardless of the patient’s … Read more

Apitherapy: A treatment from bees


Apitherapy is a natural alternative consists in the therapeutic use of products derived from the hive (Royal Jelly, flower pollen, propolis, honey and beeswax) and inoculation of bee venom, known as Apitoxin, to through its sting. In either case, the ultimate goal is common: to improve the patient’s health, as well as their quality of … Read more

Chiropractic and its importance in neck and shoulder pain

neck pain

The area of the neck and shoulders are vulnerable and sensitive parts of our spine, and therefore very susceptible to stress and muscular tension and chiropractic care very useful to combat it. When we suffer from severe neck and shoulder pain, almost certainly the person suffering from them has difficulty moving the neck, especially to … Read more

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy for dizziness

vestibular therapy

The vestibular therapy, also called vestibular rehabilitation therapy or VRT, is a specialized, non-invasive treatment designed to combat chronic dizziness and lightheadedness having their cause inner ear disorders. The therapy consists of performing exercises to improve visual orientation, eye motor skills and balance. The therapy is usually guided by an occupational therapist or by a … Read more

Feng Fu point, ice stimulation to improve health

Feng Fu point

The feng fu point is for traditional Chinese medicine one of the most important points of the psycho-physical balance of our body, its correct stimulation can be beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain. Chinese medicine through stimulation of the fu feng point and other pressure points, manages to improve the status of the different … Read more

Shinrin Yoku: Benefits of Forest Baths

forest bath

The Shinrin Yoku or Forest Baths is a technique originally from Japan with therapeutic benefits as helping to combat anxiety, stress and lowering blood pressure. The Shinrin Yoku not only proposes to soak in nature with the five senses, but to solve what is already known as a deficit of nature or landscape. Green, as we will discover, is a safe bet for health and well-being. The best medicine for body and mind.

forest bath

Forest baths emerged in the 1980’s in Japan as a therapy for disease prevention. A technique that combines nature and health and has already spread to other countries such as South Korea, United States and other European country.

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Ushnodaka Therapy: Trick to detox with hot water

ushnodaka therapy

There are plenty of depurative diets to be able to detoxify the body and lose fat. Well, the ushnodaka therapy, is to remove toxins from the body through the use of hot water or included in the diet or through some other practical application. It is very simple, and it will also help you to be healthier, lose weight and improve the appearance of your skin or even your hair.

ushnodaka therapy

What is Ushnodaka Therapy
It is an alternative and very old therapy, which consists in the treatment of evils related to the fat or toxins produced by the same body and its incorrect elimination. The only element that uses this therapy to treat all those problems associated with the consumption of an unbalanced diet or lack of exercise, is very simple and economical. It is enough to have a container of hot or boiling water to deal with all these problems associated with lack of time and the advancement of age. In order to use hot water as a remedy we only have to include it in our diet, beauty ritual or apply locally in the affected area.

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What is Pranic Healing Therapy?

pranic healing

The Pranic healing therapy, created by the Chinese spiritual master Choa Kok Sui, using prana, a Hindu concept similar to chi, ki or qi of traditional Chinese medicine, to regenerate the natural balance of body processes. Prana means universal energy, which is present in humans, plants, pets and all living beings, as well as around us.

pranic healing

This healing method uses the imposition of hands to cure, like Reiki, and is based on rhythmic movements without the need to touch the patient. The specialist, which is called “pranic healing”, uses the vital energy present in the earth, sun, water and air, and leads to the individual to hasten the natural healing process.

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Physical therapy: Radiation, ultrasound, magnetic therapy, balneotherapy

applications of physical therapy

What is physical therapy?

We call physical therapy to all those which use physical media (radiations, heat, cold, etc.) to perform its therapeutic action. Within physical therapies we can consider different sections:

applications of physical therapy

  • Therapy with non-ionizing radiation (which do not exert direct damage to cells, as if it can do ionizing radiation: among others, ultraviolet rays, X-rays, gamma rays), which are mainly: infrared, microwave, and laser
  • Therapy with pressure waves (ultrasonic)
  • Electrotherapy
  • Magnet therapy, and
  • Hydrotherapy.

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