Feng Fu point, ice stimulation to improve health

Feng Fu point
June 21, 2017

The feng fu point is for traditional Chinese medicine one of the most important points of the psycho-physical balance of our body, its correct stimulation can be beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain. Chinese medicine through stimulation of the fu feng point and other pressure points, manages to improve the status of the different components of the body: muscles, organs, bones and also act on our emotional state. The…


Shinrin Yoku: Benefits of Forest Baths

forest bath
May 13, 2017

The Shinrin Yoku or Forest Baths is a technique originally from Japan with therapeutic benefits as helping to combat anxiety, stress and lowering blood pressure. The Shinrin Yoku not only proposes to soak in nature with the five senses, but to solve what is already known as a deficit of nature or landscape. Green, as we will discover, is a safe bet for health and well-being. The best medicine for…


Ushnodaka Therapy: Trick to detox with hot water

ushnodaka therapy
April 11, 2017

There are plenty of depurative diets to be able to detoxify the body and lose fat. Well, the ushnodaka therapy, is to remove toxins from the body through the use of hot water or included in the diet or through some other practical application. It is very simple, and it will also help you to be healthier, lose weight and improve the appearance of your skin or even your hair….


What is Pranic Healing Therapy?

pranic healing
July 10, 2016

The Pranic healing therapy, created by the Chinese spiritual master Choa Kok Sui, using prana, a Hindu concept similar to chi, ki or qi of traditional Chinese medicine, to regenerate the natural balance of body processes. Prana means universal energy, which is present in humans, plants, pets and all living beings, as well as around us. This healing method uses the imposition of hands to cure, like Reiki, and is…


Physical therapy: Radiation, ultrasound, magnetic therapy, balneotherapy

applications of physical therapy
April 11, 2016

What is physical therapy? We call physical therapy to all those which use physical media (radiations, heat, cold, etc.) to perform its therapeutic action. Within physical therapies we can consider different sections: Therapy with non-ionizing radiation (which do not exert direct damage to cells, as if it can do ionizing radiation: among others, ultraviolet rays, X-rays, gamma rays), which are mainly: infrared, microwave, and laser Therapy with pressure waves (ultrasonic)…


3 Types of Joint Replacement Surgery

joint replacement
July 21, 2015

A number of different factors could lead to you needing a joint replacement. Heredity is one such factor, as some people are simply born more prone to these problems. In other cases, abnormalities can form while the joints are forming, leading to issues as you age. Finally, injuries are a factor in joint replacement. In some cases, minor, repetitive injuries are the cause, while in other situations a severe trauma…


Keeping Skin Looking Healthy As We Age

October 29, 2013

As we age, sun damage and high levels of the stress hormone cortisol can cause skin to become thin and fragile, or papery. This is often referred to as crepey skin. The loss of the production of estrogen and testosterone beginning when menopause starts can also cause thinning skin. Aside from never sleeping on your side or face down, there are other tips to keep skin looking good as you…


The best therapy for stress

therapy for stress
September 13, 2013

Sometimes the consequences of a hard day of work, is looking forward to an event that need to happen, chores at home, and a myriad of things can increase stress on your body and lower your level of performance. One of the best ways to reduce stress refers to osteopathy. This is a technique for medical-says that all the body’s systems work together, i.e. what happens to one affects the…


The Benefit of NYC Physical Therapy

sports injury
August 19, 2013

After a sports injury, you need to recover as quickly as you can. Some of this is just on your body; some people heal more quickly than others, and there may not be much that you can do to influence the way that works. However, when you go in to get NYC physical therapy, you will find that there are a lot of other things that can be done that…


Massages: Find the relaxation that you are looking for!

Watsu massage
December 21, 2012

After a hard day’s work, best thing is to finish the day with a delicious massage for you to stress a tip foot and you can relax and could relax as it stems. To receive a massage is a totally rewarding experience and its effects were beneficial to both the mind and the physical. There are various types of massages that while it have different objectives and do not have…