What is Pranic Healing Therapy?

The Pranic healing therapy, created by the Chinese spiritual master Choa Kok Sui, using prana, a Hindu concept similar to chi, ki or qi of traditional Chinese medicine, to regenerate the natural balance of body processes. Prana means universal energy, which is present in humans, plants, pets and all living beings, as well as around us.

pranic healing

This healing method uses the imposition of hands to cure, like Reiki, and is based on rhythmic movements without the need to touch the patient. The specialist, which is called “pranic healing”, uses the vital energy present in the earth, sun, water and air, and leads to the individual to hasten the natural healing process.

Where find prana and how it works?

Prana is the energy that fuels the universe and travels throughout the body through meridians called Nadis, as the ida, pingala and sushumna, which are the 3 main Nadis, although it is believed that there are more than 7000. The pranic healing is to improve the flow of this energy and restore health.

There are three types of prana: earth, sun and air. The earth is absorbed by the soles of the feet; the sun, absorbs our body when we are outdoors, and air prana is captured by the lungs through breathing techniques.

On the other hand, it notes that this energy also can be acquired by means of the feeding, because foods, like water, are in contact with the earth, the sun and air. For this reason, the diet based on fresh food helps to heal.

How to done Pranic healing?

Pranic healing works with breathing techniques that retain the universal energy in the lungs for an estimated period, and then distributed. This cycle is repeated 100 times. Previously provides an assessment, which will identify the places where energy does not flow or causes problems, and it is clean and energize moving their hands as if it were a scanner, to transfer energy, unblock the chakras, and this flows properly towards those places that are blocked.

There are several techniques for universal energy to flow properly, as a healthy diet, Pranayama breathing techniques, and practice of physical exercises like yoga or Tai Chi.

Meditation is the best ally to maintain all chakras and Pranas unblocked, also Choa Kok Sui exercises, combining Tibetan yoga routine with breathing exercises to increase the flow of universal energy.

As you can see, the Pranic healing helps heal the body through meditation, breathing and prana. Practice it daily and you will be filled with energy!