Breathing Technique Against Fear And Anxiety

Breathing not only allows our survival in its most basic form, it can also help to calm the anxieties and fears, and our moods change and renew our energies needed for daily life. In this article we will learn a breathing technique well directed can apply at any time and place, to calm the anxieties and fears in a particular situation, or to start the day well refreshed and positive.

breathing technique

What is Anxiety

Anxiety and fear are two sensations characteristic of our current lifestyle. Stress, worries, obligations and responsibilities have loads of stress and anxiety, we must learn to manage and control.

Stress can be a good thing in our lives is what is known as “good stress”, which is the state of awareness and anticipation regarding changes, projects and other normal circumstances.

For example, your wedding day is natural to feel stress and nerves before walking down the aisle to the altar; the days prior to the date of birth of your baby is normal and natural to feel a mild stress. It’s good because it motivates you to be fully aware of what is happening around you and in your own life. But when stress gets out of control, you must handle it and master it before you alter your other vital functions.

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What is Fear?

Fear, on the other hand, it is a natural response of our body. When you find yourself in a situation of danger, fear and sense of alert is allowing you to pay attention and react in time.

For example, standing in front of an animal that is unfriendly, it is normal to be afraid and an adrenaline rush in the body, which allows you to use all your strength in defensive combat, if you attack the animal, or almost fleeing in terror to protect your life.

Again, when fear comes without a clear threat or going out of its normal rate, it’s time to work it to restore an adequate level of functionality.

How to Modify the Fear And Anxiety through Breathing

The breathing not only enters oxygen to our body, to be referred to each cell and feed, allowing its operation. It can also renew silence negative thoughts and mood, to a more pleasant, calm, confidence and balance.

The breathing technique that will help you learn then to overcome fear and anxiety at any time and place, will help to lower the level of anger in order to think clearly, and will assist in balancing the stress level, that your body to react according to your designs, and not the reverse.

This breathing technique to relieve stress and anger is best practiced sitting, comfortable with your arms on your legs. Close your eyes to avoid external stimuli, and repeat the breathing cycle seven or nine times, or continue practicing until you feel more relieved.

While practicing the technique, keep your mind blank, and free of thoughts. With time and practice you can incorporate soothing thoughts, colors, images and even landscapes will further help you in this task.

The abdominal breathing technique is, and is done by bringing inhaled air into the lower part of the lungs, inflating the belly to do it and leaving the area of the collarbone and chest almost motionless, without lifting the shoulders.

Keep the air in your lungs, completely full, for about two or three seconds, and then exhale through the nose, releasing the air from the stomach, as if your navel was trying to reach the column and your belly can shrink as a result.

Leaves your lungs without air for about two seconds, and then do a snort as if shopped release a residual air remaining inside. Then again inhale completely, repeating the cycle. This release residual air will do wonders, and also enables you to better and more oxygen and release of carbon dioxide residual into your lungs and airways.

You can practice this exercise daily, in the morning, or whenever you feel a negative emotion or feeling begins to gestate in it. You’ll see that frees the anger, fear, stress and all your anxieties with just breathing in this way. A much more effective and easier than traditional techniques and you can practice on your own, at any time and any place.