Changes in the body due to anxiety: 10 physical signs

Unrest, fear, despair and daily stress are factors that can lead to an anxiety crisis. Generally, when one of these crises occurs, it is not an isolated episode and often repeated over time in such a way that it becomes a chronic illness. The effects of anxiety are not only psychological, this nervous condition has a series of symptoms or physical signs that we present below…..

anxiety crisis

Emotional state capable of changing your body

In addition to being a state that in most cases prevents the sufferer from enjoying life completely or facing certain difficult situations, anxiety also affects the body. Some of the physical signs left by anxiety:

Change your voice

Anxiety affects the muscles of the throat in a spastic way, this means that it is able to modulate your voice and change it from severe to acute through spasms of the vocal cords.

Increases your sugar level

During the crisis of anxiety the body releases a hormone called cortisol, which upon reaching the liver is transformed into sugar. This increase in sugar can be harmless unless you are diabetic.

Skin reactions

The tingly feeling in parts of the body or excessive sweating are signs of suffering a crisis of anxiety, prolonged over time can cause the skin to age faster.

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Changes in muscles

The body hardens during the crisis and this tension is capable of generating muscle contractures and conditions such as migraine or other headaches.


During an anxiety crisis, the body has problems to digest food well and can even lead to the appearance of a cut of digestion, if in addition these crises are prolonged in time, failure during the digestive process can lead to malnutrition due to malabsorption in the intestines.


This organ responsible for filtering blood is also affected by the stress during the crisis its performance drops considerably so that a anxiety very prolonged in time can cause faults in cleaning the blood and emergence of toxins in the bloodstream.

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Hair Loss

If we are under a lot of stress or anxiety. The lack of nutrition or irrigation in blood by failure in the stomach or spleen also does not get oxygen to the hair follicles and the hair dies. In people with alopecia the process multiplies.

Scaly skin

By the same lack of irrigation that in the previous case, people with anxiety suffer from scaling skin and dandruff.

Mouth wounds

It is normal for people with anxiety to have sores in their mouth, this is a reaction of the immune system, which interprets the anxiety crisis as a situation of danger.

Body asleep

During the crisis, the heart is accelerated and there may appear numbness of certain moving parts such as legs, hands or cheeks. In some cases this numbness can even lead to a temporary clogging.

Emotional state capable of changing your body

There are some relaxations techniques that can help you control your level of stress and therefore not suffer from anxiety attacks.

Another important factor for not developing this series of episodes is the regular practice of sports and maintaining a balanced diet. Relax and try to lead a healthy life, anxiety will disappear.