Diabetes: Activate to control sugar

The benefits of exercise are many, and among them is to help control blood sugar levels, making it a good ally for those diagnosed with diabetes. Playing sports, stay active, lowers risk of developing a complication of diabetes or cardiovascular disorder.

We must also not forget that a sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical exercise is one of the main enemies of health by making us more vulnerable to other problems behind which diabetes may also appear, such as the problems of obesity.

diabetes and exercise

Stay active, avoid a sedentary lifestyle helps us win in years and quality of life. The physical exercise is very beneficial, among which is the help control blood sugar levels.

This makes the stay and active form is one of the best barriers to prevent the onset of diabetes, and in case of a diagnosis and it promote monitoring of the levels of blood sugar.

Different studies and medical research have endorsed one of the recommendations and basic health premises, the practice of physical exercise to prevent, among others, cardiovascular disease, especially in patients with diabetes.

And that is precisely diabetics are more vulnerable to cardiovascular disorders, such as stroke, atherosclerosis, arterial insufficiency or stroke.

The prevention and treatment of diabetes go through reviewing the diet, maintaining a healthy weight and practice exercise.

Sport and diabetes: Benefits

Among the benefits that doctors and specialists recognize the practice of physical exercise in the prevention and control of diabetes include improved sensitivity the insulin, maintain weight (in cases of overweight is essential to reduce the extra kilos), strengthen bones and muscles, increase energy and vitality.

It also avoid stress and anxiety, control blood pressure, promote blood circulation, improve cholesterol levels and triglycerides, as well as reduce daily insulin requirements or of oral antidiabetic drugs. In this latter benefit also influences that physical activity helps keep insulin do its job better.

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Before starting any type of physical activity, it is advisable to check the levels of glucose (blood sugar), dose and type of insulin, which should be administered at least one hour before exercise.

The activity or sport practice should fit the diagnosis and our physical ability, so it is advisable to consult the doctor about what is the exercise that will better be us continuously, if we adjust insulin doses before and after practicing sports and if we need an extra contribution of carbohydrate foods to avoid the risk of hypoglycemia (during exercise glucose levels fall). The most recommended are walking, running smoothly, swimming or riding a bicycle.