How to get vitamin B at breakfast

vitamin B at breakfast
May 6, 2017

Getting a rich, varied and balanced breakfast that provides us with the necessary nutrients is often not easy because of the pace of life we ​​have, so in many cases, it is important to have quality nutritional supplements that help us get necessary vitamin B at breakfast. Here we give you the keys to get it. The importance of vitamin B in breakfast Our body needs daily minerals, vitamins and…


How to know which vitamins you are missing: Symptoms and solutions

lack of vitamins
April 16, 2017

To know which vitamin you lack just have to pay attention to your body. Hair loss, trouble in sleeping, and even the sudden appearance of gray hair can be signs of lack of vitamins. Vitamins are one of the essential nutrients of a healthy and balanced diet. Vitamin supplements should only be used by medical prescription, to compensate for the deficiency of these nutrients in very specific stages. Similarly, do…


Vitamin B6 for mood disorders

mood disorders
November 14, 2013

The vitamins B complex contain a range of interesting properties with respect to particular brain function, but that would have the greatest impact on everything related to neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, in short, to connections that have an impact on our mood, this is vitamin B6. It is also prescribed to women with significant symptoms of mood disorders during PMS. Vitamin B6 also ensures adequate oxygenation of the brain, a…


15 foods rich in vitamin K

vitamin K
July 18, 2013

Vitamin K is an important nutrient and necessary for the synthesis of various proteins that function as mediators in coagulation and anti-coagulation of blood. Vitamin K deficiency in an individual increases the risk of hemorrhage (bleeding). Another important function of this vitamin is the activation of a protein called osteocalcin, which is responsible for building and strengthening bones. This vitamin is available in the form of dietary supplements, however, usually…


Consume vitamin C

vitamin C
May 30, 2013

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, so named because it dissolves in water. Let’s see where to increase the daily dose. Vitamin C is not stored in the body, so it is essential to have a regular intake of it so that our body does not lack the same. As the excess of water soluble vitamins are eliminated through the urine, not risk causing the excess of vitamin toxicity…


Consume vitamin B

consume vitamin B
April 23, 2013

Vitamin B, like C, is water soluble, that means they are dissolved in water. Storage thereof in the body is minimal, making it necessary to ingest in our daily diet. Too much of this vitamin is excreted in the urine (mostly). This guide will help you know what foods and what is the function of each type of vitamin B.


How to consume vitamin E

consume vitamin E
April 13, 2013

Vitamin E is fat soluble. Such vitamin dissolved in fats and oils and stored in adipose tissue and liver. Importance of vitamin E Vitamin E is more important than we imagine. It is fat-soluble (also belong to this type of vitamins A and D), stored in the liver and fatty tissues. This allows us to go consuming reserves so that our body does not suffer the consequences of its failure.


Caring for the skin with vitamins

caring for the skin
March 14, 2013

To achieve perfect skin, we must take care not only outside but also inside. To care for our skin from within and always look radiant and splendid, we must consider the consumption of certain vitamins that act directly on the health of our skin. Vitamins are not only necessary for good health but it’s nourish and greater elasticity to the skin. Pay attention to the following tips to know what…


Thing You Should Know About of Health Supplements

health supplements
January 19, 2013

Health supplements absolutely are a big marketplace inside the UK plus they participate in a particularly essential function preserving quite a few grownups in shape and nutritious. Folks are not able to count on health supplements by itself to boost their health but what health supplements do assist with can be a wide range of issues this kind of as protein tablets/milkshakes that support with developing up muscle mass within…


Habits to increase your defenses

green leafy vegetables
December 7, 2012

In these months of cold and temperature changes, it is important that our immune system is well prepared. Therefore, it is suitable that attention you lend to your defenses and extra contributions help to your body. Continue reading and discover the habits and foods that will help you. The power is more than essential to have defenses in good shape. Nutrition experts recommend contributes to our body vitamin A, C,…