Leg Shakes When Stretching in Bed [Causes with Solution]

Stretching in Bed

Imagine this scenario: you wake up in the morning, all set to start your day. You stretch your body out in bed, but suddenly, your legs start shaking uncontrollably. What’s happening? Is it something serious?

Stretching is a natural and instinctive movement that helps to release tension in our muscles after a period of rest. However, if you’ve ever experienced leg shakes when stretching in bed, you’re not alone.

This phenomenon, also known as “hypnic jerks” or “sleep starts,” can be a perplexing and sometimes uncomfortable occurrence. But fear not, for there are various factors that contribute to this sensation, and understanding them can lead to effective solutions.

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Why Does My Sternum Pop When I Stretch? [Prevention and Management]

Sternum Pop When Stretch

The sternum, commonly referred to as the breastbone, is a long, flat bone located in the center of the chest. It plays a crucial role in protecting vital organs, such as the heart and lungs. The sternum is connected to the ribcage through cartilage and joints, allowing for movement and flexibility.

Stretching is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body and promoting flexibility. However, sometimes when we stretch, we may experience unusual sensations or even hear popping sounds in our joints.

One common occurrence that people often wonder about is why their sternum pops when they stretch. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this phenomenon, potential causes, and remedies to alleviate any discomfort associated with a popping sternum.

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What is Compression Clothing and what is it for?

compression clothing

Many times you will have seen runners who use compression socks, stockings or pants when they go running, especially in races. But do you know what compression garments are really for? In this article I am going to reveal to you what compression clothing is, how it works, its benefits and the types of garments … Read more

Why Pilates Online Classes with Glo are Perfect for Beginners

pilates online classes

If you’ve heard of Pilates before but never tried it, or if you’ve tried a class in a studio but didn’t feel like it gave enough instructions or assistance to a beginner student, then the Pilates online classes with Glo would be perfect for you.

What is Pilates

Pilates is an exercise system that was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It is a series of controlled movements, which if practiced regularly, help to build strength and flexibility. There is an emphasis on alignment, breathing, and building core strength.

Yes, Pilates has a machine called the reformer that helps people complete these exercises. But Pilates also offers floor or mat exercises that create a perfect online class opportunity.

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Glo for Everyone

yoga class

Finding a fitness program that suits you is likely challenging with your busy schedule. In fact, the task is probably even more difficult when you want a program that benefits both your physical and mental well-being; fortunately, the answer has arrived with Glo. While these best online yoga classes offer benefits for manifold individuals, consider … Read more

How Exercise Helps Boost Mood & Improve Your Health

crossfit sport exercise

It’s never a bad idea to start a regular workout program. Studies show that exercising can have a positive impact on your health and boost you mood. Regular physical activity can impact your mental and physical health and can have multiple social and emotional benefits. We all know that physical activity is good for us, … Read more

How Can Fitness Help You Recover From Addiction?


Fitness can completely change how you recover from addiction because it takes the place of so many things that you are missing in your life. You will find that most people who are exercising have a lot more energy, and exercise could get you to a place where you have more confidence and have a brand new idea of what your life could be. Read more to see what happens when you have used exercise as a part of your recovery from the addiction you suffered.

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Take Your Training to New Heights

take training

One of the first things that many people do when they decide to “get fit” is to find a cheap gym membership. However, no matter how cheap gym membership gets, there is still the need for an investment of your time and some serious effort.

Getting fit, toned, more muscular, is not only determined by the money you spend but the sweat and energy you expend. Of course there is still a place for the gym in most training schedules, but it’s what you do in the gym that counts. Here we look at some great ways to take your training to new heights, and how some of the cheapest, perhaps less obvious exercises can boost your returns. If you’re ready to go, read on…

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What is Mindfulness and its characteristics and methods


The term Mindfulness is widely used today in regards to the therapies applicable to the reduction of stress and relaxation of people. Some consider it the fashion technique, but in reality it has its basis in the ancestral knowledge of Buddhism.

In the following article we will try to give a clear definition of it, in conjunction with all its characteristics and methods of psychology arising from it. In the same way, we present quality information about its applicability in children.

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How to breathe when lifting weights

breathe when lifting weights

Your sessions in the gym will be more efficient if you learn to breathe when you force your muscles to respond better than ever. Here we show you the best technique.

If you want your muscles work of thousand wonders when you do your routine in the gym, you need to learn how to breathe when lifting weights.

You see, if you keep the air inside when you should not, or if you do not take oxygen when your muscles need it, the body is forced to operate in an inappropriate way. This only provokes that you become exhausted, which droop in energies, and until you expose to injury. But everything is solved very easy when you understand what is the cycle that your body needs in regard to the breath.

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