5 Steps to make your arms

make arms
December 20, 2013

Do you bother how you make your arm when you shake it? To forget sagging and shame every time you move your arms, here are five basic steps to move the arms and increase your strength. To mark your arms, exercise not enough, but you should have a comprehensive care to achieve and focus on each muscle, especially in the triceps. Alternates: Physical training program with your days off, so…


Free your body fat

melt fat rapidly
December 6, 2013

We present 7 types of trainings that melt fat rapidly. Aerobic step Because this training involves a step or step of 20 cm in height, activated and speeds up the metabolism, and the work of the buttocks muscles and legs is stimulated. Burning calories: up to 400 in 30 minutes when performed in high impact. Jogging It is a more intense exercise; it is not running, but running at a…


5 exercises for toning your body

push up
November 16, 2013

Who says absolutely need to go to a fitness centre to work your muscle mass? It is certain that in a gym, you can work your muscles in isolation. However, if you are not of the type weights and dumbbells, be aware that it is possible to tone your body with 5 exercises. Want to know these exercises? Here they are! Pumps (push-up) Muscles used: large pectoral and triceps Facing…


5 reasons to exercise with dumbbells

exercise with weights
November 4, 2013

Any type of physical activity that you do brings many benefits to your health. However, the exercise with dumbbells is the ideal complement to get fit. The exercise with weights helps you burn calories, define your muscles and strengthen your bones. Here we told you why you should say yes to this training. The exercise with weights strengthens muscles. Although any other activity you also do it, there comes a…


Sign up for Pilates

pilates method
October 8, 2013

If you do not like too intense exercises to practice but still want to strengthen your mind and body, Pilates is the sport you are looking for, as this method is perfect to improve flexibility and endurance, and help to combat stress. It is very clear and simple: the practice of Pilates is to achieve and maintain a harmoniously developed body in addition to achieving a healthy mind that is…


Jump rope to keep you in shape

jumping rope
September 27, 2013

Jumping rope is one of the most complete exercises to keep the figure you want. It’s cheap, fun and simple. Gives very good results in the short term if you do it right. This exercise is very entertaining, and you can perform alone or in the company of friends or with your children if you have, to make it more dynamic yet. Skills can do, create a routine, laugh and…


Why swimming is so good for body and mind

swimming good for body
August 30, 2013

You can work longer with less pain and tension in the body Insofar as the water supports the body weight, injured people, who suffer from obesity, or in an advanced age, can swim for prolonged periods without the voltage applied to the joints and bones. Moreover, swimming is one of the few sports that does not cause stress to the skeletal system. To be in a swimming pool, it is…


Benefits of aerobic exercise

aerobic exercise
July 13, 2013

We know that the practice of exercise is healthy for our welfare. We also know that aerobic exercise, also known as “cardio”, are ideal for achieving a dream figure. But why is this? What is cardiovascular exercise? It is called aerobic or cardiovascular exercise that requires a constant combustion of oxygen in the body. To do this, the exercises are done for long periods of time, higher than the 20…


How to increase height

increase height
June 23, 2013

Only a few people have the joy of being tall. Some are too, of course, but most dreams of having some centimeters in height. And although we have the body that we have designated at birth, we can do some simple exercises to stretch our back and improve our position, that we will ultimately win the sky a couple of inches. Exercises to increase height The activities that will explain…


How to do a relaxation exercise in imagination

relaxation exercise
June 20, 2013

Imagination is a powerful weapon; in this case, we will help create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. To help relax your body and mind at the end of the day, especially after going through situations of stress (such as problems at work, discussions, exams and others) you must lend hand to how much home therapy seems useful and appropriate. In this note we will have a very simple relaxation exercise, using…