Kegel Exercises: Strengthen the pelvic floor in pregnancy

During pregnancy need to practice different types of exercises that will help us so much during the 9 months of pregnancy and during labor and postpartum. A variety of these exercises are called Kegel exercises, which serve to strengthen the area of the pelvic floor and have a lot of benefits that will notice quickly, and it can perform at home without equipment. Go ahead and test some of them, its really will help to avoid many inconveniences of pregnancy.

kegel exercise

During the months of pregnancy, all doctors recommend to get plenty of exercise, as the water aerobics for its large benefits, but we propose another type which are called Kegel exercises.

These are designed to strengthen the area called pelvic floor, neither more nor less supportive where our internal organs, and during pregnancy can suffer much more than normal.

Benefits of Kegel exercises
Among the benefits that will draw when practicing these exercises we can have:

  • Significant improvement in intimate relationships with our partner, we are pregnant or not, as the vaginal muscles are exercised significantly.
  • A significant improvement of incontinence due to the weight of the baby during pregnancy.
  • Reducing the risk of hemorrhoids.
  • Reduction of pain and tears during childbirth.
  • Reduced risk of prolapse or falling of the uterus after delivery.

Types of Exercises
In short, these exercises consist in bringing the lower abdomen trying to attach the vagina to the anus, pelvis tailbone or doing as if we hold urine, but all without tighten buttocks, and always trying to note how our internal organs work.

Other forms of pelvic floor exercise

  • Always Keep a straight posture, without arching your spine.
  • Try getting this area when you have cough or sneeze.
  • When lifting, getting the area and do not hold your breath.
  • To get up from the bed, always do so on side.

But in addition to this, the Pilates exercise which has meant a revolution in the sport, also will go you very well if you need to exercise the area, but don’t wait until the last moment and starts when you can make your exercises, since maybe during pregnancy it is too late.