Shepherd’s purse: Preventing cystitis and heavy periods

Under this curious name, shepherd’s purse, one hides plant which will recognize multiple properties and, among them, to be an interesting ally for women because it can help prevent two disorders directly related to women’s health. Shepherd’s purse, antihemorrhagic, hypertensive and healing, among other properties, help treat cystitis and prevent heavy periods.

It owes its name to capsules fit in bags of pastors, in their stored seeds. Shepherd’s purse is a plant which is attributed to antihemorrhagic, vasoconstrictor, hypertension and cicatrizant properties.

Shepherd's purse

Shepherd’s purse we reported specific benefits for women, in particular for the prevention of cystitis and heavy periods. Let’s start with cystitis, an annoying and painful condition that is caused by inflammation of the urinary tract.

In this case, shepherd’s purse helps to shrink the bladder and urinary tract disinfect the bacteria responsible for this disorder, which women are more vulnerable, in particular 20% more.

The hormonal changes, stress or catch cold are some of the most common causes of cystitis. Like other plants and natural remedies like cranberry juice, currants or infusions of birch, shepherd’s purse helps strengthen defenses and prevent bacteria from growing in the urine.

In the case of heavy periods, a natural remedy is to take an infusion of Shepherd’s purse combined with another plant, nettle. The mixture is taken throughout the day (at least, divide it into three doses) to regulate the menstrual flow and relieve the usual discomfort and general discomfort.

If you take a few days before and during the period, shepherd’s purse prevents bleeding and excessive menstrual weakness associated with this loss of blood. In addition to helping combat menstrual ailments, it also has sedative effect to reduce tensions and relieve stress, which also often accompanies women the days before and during the period.

Shepherd’s purse: more properties

Shepherd’s purse has other utilities. So, thanks to its vasoconstrictor effect, this plant helps improve pesky hemorrhoids. Furthermore, the bag portion also helps to improve the levels of tension, in this case, when we have too low. It improves vital tone after a hemorrhagic syndrome.

And finally, we must emphasize its healing effect. As an infusion, it is applied on the affected area and accelerates the healing of scratches and tears. It is advisable to let the prepared to stay and filter it through the lesion using a sterile gauze. It relieves pain and inflammation from insect bites.

Shepherd’s purse is also used for beauty treatments, such as to improve the condition of varicose veins and small capillaries visible through the skin.

Before using this plant, should consult a doctor or specialist, and in some cases may be contraindicated, for example, if you are pregnant, you are hypertensive.