5 little-known symptoms of diabetes

symptoms of diabetes
August 13, 2016

The diabetes is a disease that occurs when glucose levels in the blood are high, in some cases damaging the eyes, kidneys and nerves. Not all people who are diagnosed with diabetes have the usual symptoms like thirst, numbness in the hands or feet, unexplained weight loss and need to go to the bathroom frequently. Here we tell you what the little-known symptoms of diabetes are. If you notice one…


Diabetes: How to discover?

diabetes detection
March 4, 2014

Not always be seen or warning of their presence, but some signs that conveys our body and, in principle, might seem unimportant symptoms, we are really saying that we have a problem of diabetes. Prevention is investing in health and in this case, prevent diabetes is the best way to prevent more severe complications. Diabetes, a disease according to medical data under-diagnosed, since it is estimated that around a million…


Diabetes: Activate to control sugar

diabetes and exercise
January 30, 2014

The benefits of exercise are many, and among them is to help control blood sugar levels, making it a good ally for those diagnosed with diabetes. Playing sports, stay active, lowers risk of developing a complication of diabetes or cardiovascular disorder. We must also not forget that a sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical exercise is one of the main enemies of health by making us more vulnerable to other…


Consume fruits and not juices to prevent diabetes

consume fruits
August 23, 2013

A recent study suggests that eating whole fruit is much healthier to consume natural juices from them. Researchers from the UK, USA and Singapore studied nearly 200 000 people over 25 years to determine the way we consume certain fruits helps or prevents the development of type 2 diabetes. Of the 187 000 people who participated in the study, 12,198 (6.5%) developed type 2 diabetes. The research followed the consumption…


How to carry the pregnancy if you are diabetic

diabetes in pregnancy
July 11, 2013

We want to start this article by reassuring expectant mothers with insulin problems: If a woman with diabetes maintains a rigorous control of their situation, are as likely to have children as a completely healthy person. However, it is necessary to take note of what you have to consider in this type of pregnancy, and of course, to ignore anything that say your doctor. Some people have diabetes before pregnancy,…


Managing the Type 2 Diabetes Diet for Healthier Life

Type 2 diabetes diet
February 20, 2013

Health is one of the most important things in life; there are many ways and strategies to manage the health in order to be as healthy as possible. On the other hand; there are several common health issues that should be managed in order to have a normal life like any other normal people. Diabetes is one of the most common health problem with more than 25 million people are…


Side effects of medications for diabetes

effects of medications for diabetes
December 4, 2012

The body’s defenses are inadequate to regenerate certain problems caused by the accumulation of sugars in the blood, to which the person is subject to certain strict rules of diet and many exercise routines, as well as be depending on drugs to stabilize the blood sugar. Many people living with diabetes must follow a very strict life with respect to their diet and physical activity, please see your doctor or…


Different types of diabetes

types of diabetes
November 15, 2012

The diabetes affects people of all ages, colors, sizes and locations worldwide. Several types, but type 2 diabetes is the most currently attacking. Although most humans develop type 2 diabetes, many have other types of diabetes; it always involves a change in the lifestyle of the people: Prediabetes: A person with prediabetes have abnormally high levels of sugar in the blood, but not high enough to warrant a diagnosis of…


Type 2 diabetes: 6 Keys to prevent it!

type 2 diabetes
September 22, 2012

The lifestyle we lead and our bad habits are mainly responsible for type 2 diabetes that touches on our door. But some fundamental recommendations can help you to prevent it. It is the most common of diabetes and in recent years the number of patients has increased dramatically, becoming a major concern for all healthcare sectors. Poor diet and lack of physical activity are important responsibility, but change is in…


Nutritional advise to control cholesterol levels and diabetes

control cholesterol levels
June 11, 2012

Diet plays an important role in prevention against high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) and diabetes (hyperglycemia). Discover what foods you should include and avoid controlling your cholesterol level and blood sugar: 1. Regime, the first step: The plan is the first step towards the treatment of hypercholesterolemia; never take medical treatment before trying the diet for at least six months. In addition, in the case of diabetes, we find that the low…