How to carry the pregnancy if you are diabetic

We want to start this article by reassuring expectant mothers with insulin problems: If a woman with diabetes maintains a rigorous control of their situation, are as likely to have children as a completely healthy person.

However, it is necessary to take note of what you have to consider in this type of pregnancy, and of course, to ignore anything that say your doctor.

Some people have diabetes before pregnancy, but others are diagnosed after conceiving. One of the reasons attributed to this case is poor diet, due to hormonal changes.

diabetes in pregnancy

We do not lie to you, it is possible that your insulin needs are reduced at the beginning, but then its will tend to increase. Also there may be vascular complications, abortions and births premature. However, if there is a metabolic control can bring everything to fruition.

With this background we recommend caring much your diet, to help avoid, where possible, problems of obesity in your baby and muscle resistance to the action of insulin.

You must be very careful to go to the extreme and eating only the least since this will also be counterproductive.

Tips for managing diabetes in pregnancy

Avoid consuming meals and protein foods such as meat, milk and chicken.

On the contrary, if you just eat fat it is possible to reduce normal development of the fetus, and thus, that the glucose exceeds the amount that his small muscles can withstand. Consultation with a nutritionist always: often recommend several foods sparingly.

It is also extremely important that you do moderate exercise, as it will help glucose levels remain low. Ask your doctor what kind of exercises are right for you and your baby.

Diabetic women need much more attention, so you should make ultrasounds, monitoring and control of fetal movements more regularly.

In terms of delivery, some moms get a normal birth, but others have labor induced by the doctor. This will indicate what your OB-GYN.

It takes into consideration for future pregnancies or if you are thinking about the possibility of having children, that if you prepare your body for this big event risks may be reduced. If you don’t even want to become pregnant, most of diabetic women can use regular contraceptives.