How to clean baby’s nose

Clean the baby’s nose is usually a difficult task, especially as the child gets upset, so it is necessary to do it with patience. If your baby is cold and congested, surely he will plug nose and it will be turned hard to breathe and to sleep peacefully. That is why it is necessary to release his nostril of this so annoying mucus.

clean baby nose

Tips for cleaning baby’s nose
When you start to do it, talk to your baby in a calm voice, so that he can feel your peace and feel secure. The first few times will surely be frightened and try to prevent you wipe his nose, but do not worry, in little time you will manage to do it without problems.

The best way to clean his nose is with saline solution. To do so, slightly tilt the head back and place one drop of physiological saline into each nostril. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove the mucus using a bulb syringe or nasal aspirator.

Remember that the baby does not yet know the mucus itself.

If a single droplet with not enough, since the mucus is rather thick or it has hardened too, place 2 or 3 drops in each nostril and then carry out the procedure in the same way.

If you notice that the baby gets very annoying, let’s spend some time and try again when he more relaxed. The most feasible time after the bath is usually because the baby is relaxed and also water vapor helps loosen mucus naturally.

Remember that before introducing the knob on the baby’s nose must tighten it, you should never do in the nose.

After having pressed the knob and place the tip into the nostril of a child, begins to slowly release it, to go inhaling the snot. Then, place the knob on a napkin and squeeze to expel the mucus that you’ve removed. If the nose still has mucus repeats the operation.

If the mucus is very soft, you can try washing his nose with warm water, massaging gently to allow the mucus to soften and you can remove it with the help of a tissue.

In any case you should use swabs to try to clean the baby’s nose, since surely only make mucus push inward.

If you have no physiological solution, you can replace it with warm water.