Climbing stairs: Healthy benefits

A simple exercise, which we can incorporate into our daily routine, we can draw the interesting benefits as climbing stairs helps strengthen our muscles, improves cardiovascular health and also helps to burn calories.

climbing stairs

Improving our heart and helps us to lose weight, because climbing stairs is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. A simple practice that we can be incorporating into our daily routine so that it does not turn out to be to us too strenuous. As walking is one of the most natural exercise, climbing stairs is an everyday action that virtually without noticing it, we can find a number of benefits to improve our physical condition, with the particularity that consumed two times more calories than walking.

Maintaining an active lifestyle and avoid a sedentary lifestyle is to invest in health. For lack of time or just laziness, not always pay proper attention to physical exercise. It is not a question of practicing sport in an intense, but doing it regularly and adapted to our physical activity conditions. Everyday and something as simple as walking it is beneficial for health, and likewise it is the up and down stairs. Get used to doing this is an easy way to incorporate physical activity into our lives, while we will report, among other benefits, improve our fitness, help strengthen the muscles and joints (improve muscle tone) and protect our heart and blood vessels.

And there are more reasons to climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, because this exercise improves blood circulation, helps maintain blood pressure (hypertension), to control diabetes and improve cardiopulmonary endurance. Up and down stairs is an effective exercise in force which, in addition to strengthening our legs, also helps to combat fatigue.

Burn more calories
As we have noted, climbing stair is one of the exercises that burn more calories, so up steps – whether at home, at work or in places of leisure – it is a help to lose or maintain our weight, especially if we consider that medical studies have found that burn up to two times more calories than walking.

Another good reason to use the stairs is that it helps to strengthen, firm and eliminate cellulite and as well as to prevent uncomfortable varicose veins..

To get the maximum benefit, it is recommended to climb stairs every day, adapting the activity to our physical form. If we are tired, and the intensity should be reduced, if we are tired, should reduce the intensity and, if necessary, stop every thirty seconds, keeping the breath. When climbing stairs, do it in an upright position, avoiding too lean or bend back, and focusing on the legs and flex the foot.