5 ways in which meditation improves life

Several studies have shown that meditation can bring more health benefits than previously believed. Far from being a practice developed by ancient religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism, now scientists become convinced of meditation as a vehicle to achieve mental and physical wellbeing. Here is a list of the main benefits.

meditation improves life

Reduce anxiety

Meditation through the long breath and prolonged causes serotonin levels in the brain are leveled, demonstrated by several studies. With serotonin comes the feeling of well-being and proportionally, which often is somatization in the body. So it is not surprising that those pains of muscles in the back, or nerve conditions weaken after this practice.

Improves concentration

In addition to sitting and breathing, meditation is an exercise in concentration. Unlike the common belief that meditation is not thinking about anything, this exercise at an early level focuses on the concentration of one thing, such as the breath itself.

Researchers at the University of California studied the relationship between meditation and brain. What they found surprised them: those who practiced meditation often had a thicker layer of cells of the cerebral cortex. Apparently the connections between neurons from the natural process of synapse had changed the structure of the brain through the efforts of concentration that is regularly performed.

Take care of colds

The truth is that stress is a major cause of declines the immune system defenses and meditation can prevent people from being so vulnerable to a cold, oral herpes or conjunctivitis. A study by the National Science Foundation of the United States revealed that 20 minutes meditation for three consecutive days the symptoms of physical discomfort are reduced considerably.

Elevates the performance

Recently, some companies of international stature as Google have incorporated meditation as a mechanism to improve the performance of their workers. Far from burdening employees, the company included since 2007 a ​​project of meditation for engineers working in the corporate occupy 20% of their free time. The reasons for implementing this project were sustained by a worker who practices meditation is better able to make decisions due to their emotional well-being.

Combat insomnia

Meditating also brings another benefit: it helps fall asleep. Meditate is working to raise the segregation of dopamine, which is responsible for people to achieve sleep and the quality of his nap.

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