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Why Pilates Online Classes with Glo are Perfect for Beginners

If you’ve heard of Pilates before but never tried it, or if you’ve tried a class in a studio but didn’t feel like it gave enough instructions or assistance to a beginner student, then the Pilates online classes with Glo would be perfect for you.

pilates online classes

What is Pilates

Pilates is an exercise system that was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It is a series of controlled movements, which if practiced regularly, help to build strength and flexibility. There is an emphasis on alignment, breathing, and building core strength.

Yes, Pilates has a machine called the reformer that helps people complete these exercises. But Pilates also offers floor or mat exercises that create a perfect online class opportunity.

What to Expect in an Online Class

A Pilates online class needs to contain specific instructions and demonstrations to teach you the correct postures/poses that you are going to do. Your Pilates online experience should offer you a chance to participate in a class that matches your skill level. It should not be a one-class fit all experience. Expert queuing from a teacher who understands anatomy and how the poses relate to your body is also important.

If you’re a beginner, there needs to be instruction on the basic moves, building up to tie the exercises together into a class. Beginners in any program need detailed instructions which are key to learning how to complete the poses in a safe and proper manner.

Once you’re done mastering the basics, however, you want to be able to expand on what you’ve learned and then participate in a more challenging class. Not all online options offer these types of basics to experienced opportunities in Pilates the way that Glo does.

Your online experience should be with an instructor that teaches in a clear and detailed manner. The videos should be clear and well lit so that you can see those who are demonstrating the poses.

Why Glo is the Perfect Solution

Glo offers several different Pilates online options. It starts with a basics class that teaches the exercise form and then also includes intermediate and experienced classes. There are over 80 Pilates class offerings from four different teachers as of this writing and that number continues to grow. You have options such as beginner or experienced Pilates classes, as well as fusion classes like Pilates Cardio. There’s even a gentle chair version of Pilates for those with limited movement.

When taught by qualified instructors like the ones at Glo, these classes offer a great opportunity to safely practice Pilates wherever you are. Not only are you able to take Glo classes wherever you have an internet connection, but Glo also allows you to download classes. This is the perfect solution for someone who is traveling in areas that no internet connection is available.

Glo is the perfect solution for someone who wants the convenience of classes without the hassle of trying to get to a studio or gym at a specific time.

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