Immunotherapy: Advances in the fight against cancer

Immunotherapy consists of the treatment of diseases through the support of the immune system. It is a considerable help for our own body to be able to defeat the enemy in this case, many different types of cancers that have little or little chance of being overcome by the body naturally. Below we tell you more about this hopeful news about immunotherapy and its power to treat cancer.


What exactly immunotherapy is?

Immunotherapy focuses on the problem directly. It is the introduction of the drug directly into the focus of infection of the disease. Currently in the University of Navarra, has developed an experimental drug called BO-112 that would be able to destroy the majority of cancer cells with difficult treatment such as those with large malignant tumors.

This drug is injected directly into the tumor and not into the bloodstream as the majority of existing drugs for the fight against cancer and would be able to provoke a reaction in the immune system of the patient capable of achieving this end with the cancer cells thus preventing the extension of the tumor. It does not mean that the drug will dissolve the mass much less, but it will cause the immune system to control the invasion and destroy the cells that are reproducing and the connectors that are the culprits of extending the cancer towards other systems or organs.

As for the mass already generated, if it is large it must be removed with surgery. But the implantation of this medicine in combination with other techniques for the treatment of cancer can greatly increase the chances of success in the fight against cancer of the patient.

How can it improve the patient’s life?

With the use of this drug, the patient can greatly reduce the use of chemotherapy as an invasive technique for the destruction of tumor masses, so as well as increasing their chances of success in fighting the disease. It would also improve the quality of life during the hard process to get out of the grip of this terrible disease. Doing the fight more bearable and can get to keep cancer presumed deadly in chronic diseases.

Question of hope

The most important thing in the fight against cancer is the strength and optimism with which the patient decides to confront this disease. It is not a struggle of the body against an invader is a struggle continues to overcome and against the discouragement of those who suffer it.