Avoid heat stroke in children

On summer days we must be extremely careful to avoid heat stroke in children. Follow these tips for high temperatures do not bring bad consequences.

heat stroke in children

Although more common in elderly people or with a health problem, heat stroke can also affect children. Exposure to the sun for a long time or inadequate exercises for hours of high temperatures are some factors that can cause heat stroke in a child, and yet can be avoided easily.

Good hydration and avoid high temperatures
When the child is playing or doing anything entertaining, often forgets the sensation of thirst and do not drink enough. As parents, we must take care to ensure that the appropriate liquid drink throughout the day, in addition to wet arms and head with fresh water regularly. Moreover, it should not also offer heavy meals, like burgers or large calorie snacks for dinner. Instead, it is recommended fruits, vegetables and juices.

To prevent heat stroke in infants, have to bathe several times a day with warm water slightly cool, at least in those hot dates. Of course, the constant exposure to very high more strong sunlight and/or very high temperatures are a major cause of heat stroke in children, and therefore we should avoid, trying not to go out to play between 11.30h and 17h in the summer months, and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the home, assisted air conditioning or fans.

Use suitable clothing to avoid heat stroke
As important as hydration or temperature control, is to choose the most suitable clothes for the child, for this, we will opt for fresh and simple clothing, it does not stick to the body and is made from cotton or other breathable fabrics. The black is a color that we must avoid at all costs during the summer months, as it absorbs heat and makes you sweat excessively too little.

When you leave home and come into direct contact with the sun’s rays, also protect your head with a cap.

Symptoms of heat stroke in children
If we pay attention to our children, it is easier to identify early symptoms of heat stroke. In case find signs of irritability and bad mood, burning skin without sweating, or general physical decayed, it is possible that the body to manifest their discontent warning us that could happen heat stroke: should the most extreme precautions previously seen. Vomiting, fever, weak pulse, rapid or even fainting are symptoms rather more clear of this disorder passed, and therefore it is advisable to call the doctor or go directly to the emergency room in the case of a visible deterioration.