Feng Fu point, ice stimulation to improve health

The feng fu point is for traditional Chinese medicine one of the most important points of the psycho-physical balance of our body, its correct stimulation can be beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain.

Feng Fu point

Chinese medicine through stimulation of the fu feng point and other pressure points, manages to improve the status of the different components of the body: muscles, organs, bones and also act on our emotional state. The most important point of the body, according to this discipline, is the feng fu point or “Palace of Wind” located at the point where the head and neck meet, its stimulation is capable of alleviating almost any ailment and makes you feel young and energetic person.

What is the purpose of Feng fu point

We all dream of feeling young and full of energy, the stimulation with ice of this vital point of the body helps not only to alleviate the effects of an inadequate diet, but ideal for those who suffer from a chronic illness or disease, as it greatly alleviates pain and provides a state of peace and well-being difficult to achieve with other methods or therapies.

How Feng fu point is stimulated: Method with ice

Stimulation of the feng fu point is part of traditional Chinese medicine. It consists literally in stimulation with ice for short periods of time from the exact point where the head and the skull meet. This stimulation has a powerful analgesic effect on pains such as headaches, migraines, chronic, muscular, and a wide range of possibilities.

Pranic healing therapy is the another Chinese healing method where using the hands for cure.

Generally, we are accustomed to these diseases affect our daily activity, almost on a regular basis and also to the indiscriminate taking of painkillers, which have harmful side effects for the organism. Stimulating this point is a much more effective and less harmful therapy than all those methods that will also get rid of those daily discomforts.

The mechanics are very simple: stand upside down, and put an ice cube approximately 2 by 2 cm at the point just where the skull meets the neck (where the first vertebra of the neck begins) once in this position, hold it with a scarf or handkerchief so that it does not slip and hold it for about 20 minutes. This application should have two or three days rest periods.

Benefits of stimulation of the feng fu point

Regardless of your problem, the stimulation of this pressure point will bring great advantages to the body, some of the most common are:

  • Ability to reduce insomnia: help with emotional disorders so it improves the quality of sleep.
  • It prevents common diseases of a psycho-somatic character or caused by the stress: such as back pain, stomach acidity, digestion problems, headaches, migraines.
  • It helps in the treatment of asthma, besides reducing the states of anxiety that can lead to this symptom.
  • Prevents colds
  • It improves the functioning of the thyroid, in subjects affected by disorders inherited from this gland.
  • It has a positive effect on the treatment of premenstrual syndrome.
  • It improves our psycho-emotional state, so it is very rewarding in the treatment of diseases such as stress or depression.
  • Excellent alternative to analgesics in the treatment of chronic pain: arthritis, rheumatism, pain of the neck, irritable bowel syndrome, among others.