Ushnodaka Therapy: Trick to detox with hot water

There are plenty of depurative diets to be able to detoxify the body and lose fat. Well, the ushnodaka therapy, is to remove toxins from the body through the use of hot water or included in the diet or through some other practical application. It is very simple, and it will also help you to be healthier, lose weight and improve the appearance of your skin or even your hair.

ushnodaka therapy

What is Ushnodaka Therapy
It is an alternative and very old therapy, which consists in the treatment of evils related to the fat or toxins produced by the same body and its incorrect elimination. The only element that uses this therapy to treat all those problems associated with the consumption of an unbalanced diet or lack of exercise, is very simple and economical. It is enough to have a container of hot or boiling water to deal with all these problems associated with lack of time and the advancement of age. In order to use hot water as a remedy we only have to include it in our diet, beauty ritual or apply locally in the affected area.

Benefits provided by Ushnodaka Therapy
Hot water, introduced on a regular basis in the diet through infusions or teas can make us burn fat much faster and eliminate toxins at a faster rate. For this we must take an infusion on an empty stomach in the first hour of the morning, with a slice of lemon. This combination accelerates the metabolism helping to burn fat much more continuously and fast. In addition, if we not only take the infusion in the first hour, but also accompany it with a mid-afternoon, it will help us increase the amount of sweat produced by the body, and therefore eliminate more toxins through the skin. Of what will lead us to look a much healthier and more beautiful skin and hair.

Other uses of Ushnodaka Therapy
In addition to reducing toxins or burn fats, through its intake. Hot water can also be applied locally. That is to say, directly on what we want to detoxify. If we have acne or black spots, we can remove all these impurities by introducing the head in a pot with hot water and leaving that, of natural form the steams open the pores so that the whole dirt goes out.

In addition to using hot water on the nails before any manicure, it causes natural steppers and dead skin to fall. And of course, in the hair also has a powerful effect. If we wash our hair with hot water, this will largely eliminate the amount of dandruff.

Hot water for everyone
Regardless of what your problem is, or what you use hot water therapy for, most important thing is that you adopt a discipline and use it on a regular basis. It is no use treating a couple of times and then continuing with a sedentary lifestyle and deplorable eating. Use hot water to detoxify, but do not fall back into the same traps, practice exercise and as in a balanced way.