Pregnancy: What is the best age to give birth to her baby?

Pregnancy would be more immune to the risk of birth if it comes at a young age, in any case, it is demonstrated what a study by scientists from the Royal Faculty of the Gynecologists of United Kingdom.

late pregnancy

Poor tend to give birth late

The study has shown that the ideal age for women to give birth to a baby is between 20 to 35 years.

The same study also indicated that there is more risk of abortion, caesarean section, fetal death and complexities of birth after the age of 35. Moreover, the success rate of fertilization in vitro was 31% for women aged less than 35 years, while among women aged over 42 years, this rate is 5%.

Scientists at the Royal School were right to conduct the study when they realized that there is a strong tendency to give birth in women between 35 to 45 years of age, and once they fit best into their work and are the ideal man.

Thus, physicians advise against commonly to women leaving pregnancy up to an advanced age.

Late pregnancy and fetal malformations

It is normal that the state of the female egg and its quality degrades gradually as it advances in age, yet it increases the risk of occurrence of fetal malformations. Generally, this degradation affects all parts of your body accordingly to what is called “The consumption of life”.

Besides the effect of age, genetic factors may also have the same impact. As an example, Down syndrome occurs more in older pregnant women that said, this does not necessarily mean that every pregnancy after age 35 is exposed to the disease.

Finally, there is the possibility that the fetus is suffering from Mongolism is 1/1500 women, when the woman is aged 20. While at the age of 35, there is at 1/384 women.

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