Headache on the right side: Most common causes

The pain that tends to occur on the right side of the head is not precisely common pathology. Accompanying the recurring discomfort in the affected area, usually appear others in the area around the right eye can be, in themselves, the main trigger of the disease to inform us of that condition. Migraines on the right side of the head often associated with migraine attacks which ultimately can lead us to a complicated diagnosis and specialized treatment that may not be entirely effective to alleviate them.

headache on right side

Causes of pain on the right side of the head
The causes that may be associated with headaches on your right hand side can be varied. Many medical professionals believe that the occurrence of migraine is linked to problems of visual impairment and, therefore, the need for use sunglasses in our daily lives. But too much stress is already generated by work, family life or personal problems, anxiety, fatigue or even poor eating habits can lead to the emergence of this kind of headaches.

The consumption of drugs such as alcohol or snuff can enhance the generation of pain on the right side of the head. In fact, consumption of snuff, according to some scientific research conducted recently, is one of the main causes of suffering from migraines since, due to its toxicity, not only worsens the discomfort but can also lead to other health problems.

Another major cause that can create us headaches on the right side of the head is pregnancy, especially in the initial phase in which nausea are part of the normal routine.

For the treatment of this condition as recommended passes through the visit to the specialist to try to get an accurate diagnosis of our case. Anyway, and generally speaking, you can establish that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will reduce episodes associated with this type of migraine, a balanced diet, avoid drug use, and adequate rest may be very helpful ways to prevent diseases.