Carbohydrate foods for the body

The body needs many nutrients to function, including one of the most important are carbohydrates. Thanks to them, you have the sufficient energy to be able to give good results perfectly and your immune system is strengthened compared to the risk of contracting any diseases. That is why you should follow a rich diet and balanced in carbohydrates play an important role. Then below takes note of foods rich in carbohydrates for the body.

carbohydrate foods

Foods rich in carbohydrates

Pasta: The pasta is one of the foods that have more carbohydrates, specifically provides 71 grams per 100 grams consumed. That is why we can not miss in our diet products like macaroni, noodles or spaghetti.

Rice: Like pasta, rice is another excellent source of carbohydrates and protein. By not contain gluten, it is ideal for those who have celiac because it may be the only source of carbohydrates that can ingest. It is best to opt for brown rice because it is healthier for the body.

Oats: Oat is the food perfect for breakfast in the large amount of carbohydrates it has. Moreover, it is a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Fruit: The fruit will bring a lot of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index so its intake is perfect to have energy. The richest fruit in carbohydrates is the banana and mango.

Sweet: Sweet bring to the body a lot of carbohydrates but in the form of sugars that are highly recommended if we want to keep the line. It provides energy instantly and the most desirable is the black chocolate.

These are the foods rich in carbohydrates and have wanted to combine with other nutrients in a rich and balanced diet to help us stay well.