Relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that occurs when the narrow passageway, through which pass nerves, veins and muscles to move the hand, is compressed by a repetitive task, normally produced in the workplace.

carpal tunnel syndrome

Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome
According to specialists, the treatment to relieve the symptoms of this syndrome varies according to the seriousness and the degree of intensity of pain. For example, if the pain and tingling are just beginning, the treatment is to change hand position, stretching exercises and put some ice on your wrist to undo inflammation.

If pain intensity is stronger, experts recommend a splint or immobilize the wrist strap and use anti-inflammatory pills for pain.

In extreme cases, where the pain is more intense and there are certain immobility of the hand, we recommend going to the doctor to discuss the possibility of performing an operation on the wrist.

What is the operation of carpal tunnel syndrome
At surgery will try to cut a piece of cartilage or ligament that is pressing on the nerve causing the pain. This will reduce discomfort, and begins a process of rest and rehabilitation of the affected hand. In a few weeks you will have full movement and sensation in the hand.

Although there are treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome, it is best to avoid it by stretching from time to time, in the event that you cannot stop doing the repetitive motion that is causing the bad.