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What is laser resurfacing? Is It Right for You?

Are you upset with the appearance of your skin? Acne scarring, and minor facial flaws can be easily treated with laser resurfacing. Using a laser to smooth the skin will improve your appearance and can give you back the confidence you used to have.

laser resurfacing

There are two basic types of lasers used in Palm Beach laser resurfacing offices, they include:

  1. Ablative laser – this laser will remove layers of your skin.
  2. Nonablative laser – this laser will help to tighten your skin and will stimulate collagen growth.

Individuals with fine lines, acne scarring, liver spots, age spots, and sun-damaged skin are all excellent candidates for laser resurfacing. If you would like to improve your skin tone or you are tired of sagging skin around your neck, eyes, and mouth, you need to consider laser resurfacing.

Speak to a technician about the different lasers and which one will be used on your skin. The nonablative laser is safer and often more effective. There are some side effects for both laser resurfacing options.

Some people will experience itching, redness, or swelling. This commonly occurs soon after the treatment while the skin is adjusting. In most cases, it will go away in a few days. However, some patients see problems with this for several months after treatment. Long-term problems are usually caused from rosacea or dermatitis problems.

Discuss any concerns you may have before treatment. Your physician may ask that you do not use creams or lotions on your skin for several weeks. Drinking water can help to hydrate the skin if you do feel that it is starting to dry out. Adding too much lotion can actually cause acne breakouts and other problems.

If you choose ablative laser resurfacing, there is a risk that you may have permanent scarring. However, if the goal is to treat unsightly scars, smaller scars may not be as noticeable. Review the different treatments and speak to your doctor before you move forward with one. This will help you to know all about the risks and possible outcomes from your particular case.

Choosing to have pigment changes can be a process that will require multiple treatments. You must carefully consider this when discussing laser resurfacing. Some people have problems with the skin becoming darker than normal after the treatment. Limit your exposure to the sun after your skin has been treated. It is also important that you follow your treatment plan precisely to prevent pigment problems from worsening.

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