Get rid of bad smell in the feet

The bad smell in the feet is disorder caused by infections and excessive sweating. Sometimes, it causes in the person who suffers from drawbacks in their social relationships.

bad smell in the feet

Foot odor causes
The bad smell in the feet can cause consequences in social work and, as the person who suffers often feel limited in their social relations, as it is aware of the strong odor given off their feet.

This excessive sweating with strong odor is not more than the result of the increase of organisms together with other factors. To avoid this, we just have to follow the following guidelines carefully.

Tips for removing bad smell in the feet

  • The footwear we use should be made of natural materials that allow perspiration. The rubber shoes are not at all desirable.
  • It is advisable not to use every day the same shoes, and give time to the shoes used to be aired.
  • The shoe should not squeeze the foot, preventing ventilation, proper circulation of the same and also provoke excessive sweating. If it gets wet, we have to clean it and dry it well, because if left with residual moisture, after a time its will smell.
  • Stockings must be made with natural materials. In winter wear cotton or wool socks, and summer linen, silk or thread. The nylon is not recommended, since they are of a synthetic material. Like shoes, every day should change socks.
  • If you practice sports should be very meticulous with the cleaning and care of the feet and shoes. When you enter the common shower, should be done with flip flops or sandals to avoid the spread of fungi.
  • Whenever we bathe we must dry very well the feet, especially between the fingers.
  • Footwear for sport should be used only for that purpose. We must not forget to check the feet every day and control the appearance of red spots.
  • There are also foods that help cause sweating and smelling stronger, so it is advisable to avoid the consumption of onions, garlic, spices and coffee.

Although follow these tips, you should always see a doctor if you have smelly feet regularly, as the source may be more sensitive for other reasons.