Natural Remedies: The properties of the evening primrose oil!

This is one of the most recommended oils for women, as it helps to care for the beauty of our skin. And, at the same time, helps us to cope better with the own disorders of female cycle. Then we will discover all of its properties to do you with it as soon as possible.

evening primrose oil

Effective for skin

Dry skin: If you suffer constantly from dry skin try using evening primrose oil with gentle massage. In addition to help you feel more relaxed, it is high in omega 6 helps retain moisture in the skin.

Acne: If on the contrary, your skin tends to have acne again primrose oil becomes your best friend: thanks to its essential fatty acids, this oil destroys fat accumulation in the pores of the skin, decreasing well, blackheads, pimples or redness. Apply often and notice the results!

Eczema: To reduce the itching sensation, dryness of eczema itself and prevent peeling of the skin easily, try using this type of oil. You’ll notice!

Menstrual Cycle
A lack of omega-6 can be one of the causes that provoke the most common premenstrual problems: headache, stomach swelling, water retention, painful breasts, digestive disorders … Many gynecologists recognize the power of evening primrose oil to decrease these symptoms considerably. You can eat, for 15 days a month, 5 daily evening primrose pearls. It works!

Some of the most common symptoms during menopause are headaches, irritability, dryness, fatigue … primrose oil is one of the preferred proposals by gynecologists to treat hot flashes and reduce problems arising from this stage. Takes at least twice a year, 4 pearls daily for 21 days. It will help!

Cardiovascular system
This is one of the most recommended home remedies to achieve up to 20% reduce cholesterol. Nutritional experts recognize the efficiency of its components, since its use can be compared to results obtained by other prescription drugs. Check with your regular doctor!

Besides benefiting our heart, primrose oil also benefits the circulatory system because it can reduce blood pressure.