Hand and wrist pain: Why does it happen?

wrist pain

Arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are two of the most common problems, which often come accompanied by pain and loss of mobility. Hand, although we pay less attention to proper, is one of the most complex areas of our body as it consists of a total of 19 bones, 17 joints and 19 muscles. A slight discomfort or pain in the hands or wrists treated incorrectly can worsen quality of life, as are countless movements we make with them throughout the day.

wrist pain

Among the most common ailments that affect the hands and wrists is osteoarthritis. A degenerative disease to which women are more vulnerable, especially from the 50. Their cause is, as a rule, in the breakdown of cartilage surrounding the bone in the joints.

However, when OA affects the hands typically have a number of features. The first one is that this type of arthritis is hereditary, especially from mothers to daughters. It’s appearance also often related by the use of excessive joint. Thus, for example, is a condition associated with certain professions, such as musicians, athletes or hairdressers.

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