Soft tissue injuries of the foot

soft tissue injuries of the foot

What bones, muscles and tendons make up the foot?
The foot consists of numerous bones, if we named proximal to distal, the bones that articulate with the ankle are the tarsal bones, then are metatarsal bones, there are five and are called first, second, third, fourth, fifth, that articulate with the phalanges, each finger has 3 phalanges, except the first finger only have two. The first is called phalanges (which articulate with the metatarsal), the second and the third (most distal).

soft tissue injuries of the foot

The foot bones are interconnected to form the plantar curvature as the foot rests on the floor in the front by the metatarsal heads and in the back of the foot rests with the calcaneus. The plantar arch is maintained by muscle and tendon structures that give this characteristic form:

There are many muscles that have their origin in the leg and inserted in the foot and are responsible for flexion and extension of the fingers, toes and eversion (turning the sole of the foot out) and investment (turn the sole of the foot inward).

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