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Marma massage

What is Marma massage?

The Ayurvedic medicine has a variety of therapies to improve health, and one of them is the Marma massage, which is used to stimulate specific vital points. What...

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Benefits and negative aspects of licorice

The licorice is more than just the famous sweets and candy, as this plant can be applied in the treatment of various conditions such as eczema and peptic ulcers...

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The effects of meditation on the mind, body and spirit

The practice of meditation leads to gaining a degree of internalization that is healthy for body, mind and spirit. Meditation is both a means and an end in itself,...

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Chagas disease

Chagas disease and its symptoms

Chagas disease is a clear growing rapidly across the world. So be careful. Chagas disease is transmitted by parasites, the one-celled animal parasite Trypanosoma...

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fear of miscarriage

Fear of miscarriage

Every pregnant woman knows the feeling more or less: the fear of a miscarriage. Especially the women who have previously had a miscarriage, you know exactly where...

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high protein diet

Quick weight loss with the protein diet

If you’re a hungry person, protein diet is the ideal way of losing weight. You can follow a ready-protein diet or simply own a menu. When you diet perfect...

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Child Health – Chickenpox

Chickenpox is a common contagious childhood disease. The disease occurs mainly in children, because most adults have become immune to. The severity of chickenpox...

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Kundalini Yoga

Psychotherapy and yoga for healing in our lives

Today’s society are suffering from increasing disease both physically and mentally, and requires powerful solutions to prevent and cure among these solutions...

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control cholesterol levels

Nutritional advise to control cholesterol levels and diabetes

Diet plays an important role in prevention against high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) and diabetes (hyperglycemia). Discover what foods you should include and...

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fight Alzheimer's

Daily exercise helps fight Alzheimer’s

If there is a disease concern and much is Alzheimer’s. So they are increasingly frequent in research being conducted around the world about this mental illness. Exercise...

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