What is Marma massage?

The Ayurvedic medicine has a variety of therapies to improve health, and one of them is the Marma massage, which is used to stimulate specific vital points.

Marma massage

What is Marma massage?
In this massage oils are based on herbal infusions, and pressure on the points made by hand or feet (depending on the point). Marma points are known and are characterized by being in areas where two or more tissues (muscles, veins, ligaments, joints, bones).

What is Marma?
According to ayurveda, the marmas represent areas of vital energy, so they stimulate those areas can achieve improved health. The relief is achieved by activating the prana or life energy that controls the function of cells and systems.

The main idea of the Marma massage is to unblock prana. So they must be placed correctly those points. Depending on the approach there are between 107 and 365 Marma points spread throughout the body and in line with the chakras.

How Marma points are grouped?
These points are classified according to the components which represent:

  • Mansa Marma: muscles.
  • Sira marma: body fluids.
  • Sanyu: tendons.
  • Asthi: bone.
  • Sandhi: joints.

How does the Marma massage?
The oil that is used will depend on the condition being treated and is usually done between two people through gentle, rhythmic movements. The duration of this treatment is between 60 and 90 minutes and ends with a steam bath.

Among the changes that are treated by this massage are pain relief, muscle stiffness, sports injuries and stimulation of organs and systems.

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