Foods to beat fatigue

Sometimes our health suffers hiccups without being serious; they can end up causing occasional disruption to our welfare. Now, in spring, for example, is very common spring asthenia, a condition which, without being diagnosed as disease, occurs very pronounced in this season and is characterized by symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue and physical and mental weakness.

overcome fatigue

Advice to overcome fatigue

Although its origin is uncertain and can affect very differently to the health of the sufferer, it is true that food plays an important role. If you also suffer these symptoms and want to know what foods help you fight it, here’s a list of healthy foods that can help in some way, to combat it.

  • To incorporate into our diet oats and wheat germ.
  • Add to your food sesame. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and what is more interesting: it facilitates the absorption of nutrients from other foods.
  • Minimizing stimulating drinks or chocolate. Although at first, relieve fatigue, eventually exacerbate this problem to our health and well-being.
  • Drink plenty of fruit, particularly rich in sugars and vitamins, such as grapes. Also highly recommended is the apricot.
  • Incorporate the diet of royal jelly and pollen. They are rich in nutrients and invigorating.
  • You can also use vitamin supplements to alleviate these health problems and shortcomings of our food.

However, if the feeling of tiredness persists, the better to prevent more serious health problems is to go to your doctor and to assess whether the extension in time of these symptoms are normal. You should not hold because if these effects persist it can even cause your death. You know that health is not a game.

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