The problem of flat feet in children

The flat foot is one of the reasons that lead parents to consult pediatricians in general. Spurred by painful problems in children or personal experience of the parents during childhood, parents are concerned for this problem and its consequences on the future life of the child and the possible influence of the vertebral column.

children flat feet

Many children across generations have been treated for the problem of the flat feet on the soles of special shoes, surgery to correct the shape of the foot.

The use of insoles is not justified for most cases of flat feet, but it can be useful in two cases:

  1. For children whose foot deformity affects many shoes which requires a special sole for the flat foot to fit in the shoe.
  2. For adults and adolescents who play sports but suffers from the problem of flat foot.

Surgical treatment is necessary in case the flat foot is a condition that affects the function of the foot and converted into real painful problem. Surgery for flat feet should be after the age of 10 or 12 years.

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