Daily exercise helps fight Alzheimer’s

fight alzheimer's

The relationship between exercise and brain health is well known given the multiple investigations in this regard. Now, is there any type of exercise capable of lifting the mood, improving memory and at the same time protecting the brain from cognitive deterioration caused by age?

fight alzheimer

With aerobic exercise, researchers refer to any exercise that increases heart rate, movement and sweating for a minimum period of time: walking, running, cycling or basically any exercise that involves moving – performing weight lifting would be exercise mostly anaerobic, for example.

According to the researchers, some of these benefits can occur almost immediately or within a few minutes of physical exercise – such as improving mood. Others, on the other hand, require several weeks – such as memory improvement. To note these benefits, the researchers suggest that aerobic exercise should be done on a regular and constant basis, with a minimum of 45 minutes of continuous practice.

If there is a disease concern and much is Alzheimer’s. So they are increasingly frequent in research being conducted around the world about this mental illness.

Exercise for Alzheimer’s

The latest to be published in the journal Neurology notes the importance of daily exercise to prevent this disease. According to these results, the daily physical activity, even in older people, may help slow Alzheimer’s disease and improve their health and well-being.

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