The effects of meditation on the mind, body and spirit

The practice of meditation leads to gaining a degree of internalization that is healthy for body, mind and spirit. Meditation is both a means and an end in itself, is a means to help improve physical and mental health, and an end as tends to the spiritual elevation to allow an approach to the transcendent consciousness.


What is meditation?

A meditation practice always begins with a harmonization exercise body through physical relaxation, mental and breathing. At this stage the meditator will gradually withdrawing from the circumstances of the outside world, which act as stimuli on the organism causing tensions, and by the concentration started to cultivate sensitivity to their inner reality.

The most notable effect of meditation is possibly occurring on brain waves. The brain emits waves of different frequencies that vary in different states of consciousness.

What happens in the brain?

Normally in the waking state, when the senses are turned over to the outside and alertness, brain waves are usually in the beta frequency, with differences between the two hemispheres and between the anterior and posterior brain.

During meditation the picture changes completely. Just start the session, shows a large increase in alpha activity, which corresponds to the state of relaxation and recorded especially in the moments before sleep, and then increases the amplitude of alpha waves and there is a greater synchronization between the two hemispheres and between the anterior and posterior brain, causing a feeling of integration between body and mind.

When meditation deepens it is possible to theta activity, which is what occurs during sleep and is characterized by the plastic memory, increased learning ability, fantasy, imagination and creative inspiration.

What happens in the body?

The meditative state also produces physiological effects. Resting heart rate, lowers blood pressure and reduced oxygen uptake, all functions controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which is what directs the involuntary processes.

The body goes into a deeper sleep state than during normal sleep, which helps to improve the cognitive and perception.

What happens in the psyche?

Meditation produces positive psychological effects, both short and long term. In the short term will give us a sense of inner peace and well-being. And if we keep the habit of meditating regularly, in the long term, we will feel greater satisfaction and productivity in the studio and at work, and easier to awaken our creativity.

People who practice meditation regularly and consume psychotropic drugs for depression, insomnia or anxiety, will gradually diminish even abandon them altogether.

These effects have been proven in medical studies, it is not only subjective sensations but a positive reaction in the body. Worldwide is becoming more widespread practice of meditation, some doctors recommend it to their patients, and coaches that advise athletes to improve performance.

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