Preeclampsia: Leading cause of maternal death

prevent preeclampsia
October 27, 2013

By its consequences, preeclampsia is considered the leading cause of maternal death. This is a medical complication that occurs during pregnancy, even in the postpartum period, which can cause seizures, stroke, multiple organ failure and death, both of them and the product. It is not known exactly what causes this disease, is presented in the second half of pregnancy (from week 20) and is more common in the case of…


Myths and truths: breast implants

breast implants
October 13, 2013

The cosmetic surgery to enhance breast size are in full swing, some for aesthetic reasons, others for self-esteem, but always with many questions and concerns that some are true and some are myth. Here the clarifications. There are many theories, concepts, ideas and words that revolve around the growth of breast and begin to practice many have if over time, your breasts begin to acquire a little more size. We…


The main symptoms of pregnancy

pregnancy symptoms
September 29, 2013

When we get pregnant our body gives us some signals. Then we tell you what, for you are careful and know to identify them. Tenderness and swelling of the breasts The increased hormone levels can cause bloating and breast tenderness. This sensation is similar to that experienced during the period, but more intense. Fatigue In the first weeks of pregnancy is very common to feel very tired and fatigued. This…


Women and thyroid

August 14, 2013

The disease in the thyroid can be silent and women have not been able to identify what suffer can cause them to death. So it is important that any symptoms, visit to the doctor to be sure that the thyroid functioning is correct. There are girls who gain weight for no reason and find it difficult to lose or else there are others that also down for no reason and…


The best foods for menopause

foods for menopause
August 1, 2013

Menopause is a time of significant hormonal changes that often lead us to the limit. So diminish its effects feeding properly is a very important aspect. The decrease in estrogen production that leads to the dreaded menopause, may present with symptoms of moderate to severe, it all depends on the woman. What is certain is that most of the women are an awkward stage, full of discomfort and modifications that…


The benefits of yoga during pregnancy

yoga during pregnancy
July 20, 2013

Yoga is certainly one of the most flattering disciplines for our physical and mental health. But practice it during pregnancy can make the difference between a peaceful gestation and a very uncomfortable. Pregnancy is a magical stage, but also proves to be extremely difficult for women. The hormonal and physical changes to which we are subjected lead us to the limit, often making us feel irritable, unwell, sore or grumpy….


How to carry the pregnancy if you are diabetic

diabetes in pregnancy
July 11, 2013

We want to start this article by reassuring expectant mothers with insulin problems: If a woman with diabetes maintains a rigorous control of their situation, are as likely to have children as a completely healthy person. However, it is necessary to take note of what you have to consider in this type of pregnancy, and of course, to ignore anything that say your doctor. Some people have diabetes before pregnancy,…


How to prepare for pregnancy

prepare for pregnancy
June 8, 2013

If you are thinking about having a baby soon, you will probably want that it is as healthy as possible and that the pregnancy quiet elapses without any problems. Therefore, all women are advised to prepare in advance for this special time in her life. Women who have been prepared, both physically and mentally before conception, usually have a good pregnancy and childbirth. That’s why it’s so important to start…


How to sleep better during pregnancy

sleep during pregnancy
June 4, 2013

Sleep in pregnancy can become an ordeal, especially in the last quarter. Frequent urination, cramps, reflows, not getting comfortable, are all factors during pregnancy, especially in the last quarter, greatly complicate the desire for a good rest. In the latter part of pregnancy, be comfortable in bed and enjoy a long and relaxed sleep can often be tricky for many women. However you need a good rest during pregnancy, so…


Prevent and relieve breast congestion

breast congestion
May 16, 2013

If your breasts feel heavy, sore and hot, it is because they have been congested. This is because you have too much milk in them. Breast congestion during pregnancy In general, breast congestion usually appears during the first few days of birth, when the milk begins to fall and some babies do not light up very quickly to the chest. Over the days that intake of milk by the newborn…