How to Have Twins

For some it is a lot of work, while for others it is a dream that can come true. If you want twins, learn some tricks to expand your chances of conceiving children simultaneously.

having twins

Chances of having twins
First of all, you must know what are your chances of conceiving twins. If there is a family history in the parents, either one or both arms, then you have more chances of that happening. But there are also women who have double ovulations, allowing the double conception. Remember that to conceive twins, you must have two eggs fertilized by two sperm.

The chances of having twins increases when the mother has certain conditions, as a body mass index of 30 or higher. Having consumed or be consuming contraceptives also has a particular side effect: the release of two or more ova by bouncing effect to stop taking them.

There are some studies that claim that women’s greater stature and the African-American race are more likely to conceive twins, while other studies claim that the ladies of 35 or more years of age, because of their hormonal status, also have more chances of multiple births. In fact, it has been estimated that 70% of women over 45 have this pleasant surprise.

Finally, the techniques of assisted reproduction (in vitro, ovulation stimulation and others), the chances of conceiving multiples of two or more babies at a time, because usually many fertilized eggs implanted in the womb to boost the chances of success, in addition to stimulating a simultaneous release of fecundables ova with medication.

How to improve your chances of having twins
There are certain techniques that you can implement to improve your chances, and one of them is taking oral contraceptives for a year at least before fertilization.

Ovulatory stimulation by hormone injections or pills is another good way to try. Among them, taking folic acid for three months before conception to improve the odds by 40%. Also, for the more daring, there is analysis that say that gaining weight during the fertilization attempt, or search the babies when they are overweight, helps to achieve multiple pregnancies.

The feeding also can collaborate in your search. Eat dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and cream gives mothers a five times greater chance for multiple conception, mainly due to the hormones present in these foods. It can also help consuming manioc (cassava) and sweet potato (camote), as prolong the maternal lactation of your son during the attempt of fertilization.

Although not infallible tricks, perform these simple techniques can increase the chance of having twins, and welcome two babies into the world together. It is worth to try if your dreams come twice.