Myths and truths: breast implants

The cosmetic surgery to enhance breast size are in full swing, some for aesthetic reasons, others for self-esteem, but always with many questions and concerns that some are true and some are myth. Here the clarifications.

breast implants

There are many theories, concepts, ideas and words that revolve around the growth of breast and begin to practice many have if over time, your breasts begin to acquire a little more size.

We must clarify that excessively large bust and not an idea to be handled, but if a little remarkable, then those who do not have and do not know an effective growth method, resorting to cosmetic surgery to increase the size. But we have to take care to not be noticed much, that they are not overly plastic, which look elegant, not exaggerated or vulgar.

The first thing to know is that for surgery, the most favorable age is from 18 years, as the body can be fully developed and adapted to receive this type of elements, although some girls may have the option of surgery before but with the consent of the parents.

Prosthesis there is all sorts, but according to specialists, the best are those of silica gel since the risk of breakage is minimal and the result is very natural. Before prostheses were used that were totally round and anatomical, i.e. did not conform to the body shape and looked rather artificial and now are preferred are the latest generation, anatomical and leave it a bust much more naturally.

The surgery can be performed by different methods, but each employs a different one depending on the handling of the instruments, skin healing and to minimize risk of bruising. Girls always worry about recovery time, but really no more than a week, obviously can not be an effort to put health at risk. Expect that the chest deflate which will take about two weeks and so that the prosthesis should adhere to the muscle, should wait for about 3 or 4 weeks.

This type of prosthesis last for a lifetime, but the ones used earlier could last about 15 years before you change or bursting by accident. For safety it is better that there is an annual follow-up after ten years.

Finally, when a woman wants to be a mother, does not have to worry, because you can breastfeed your little one without any complication, because the mammary gland, still in place and under normal conditions.