5 remedies for teeth whitening

Many products guarantee you more white and bright teeth, but with really high prices. Even you can also brush your teeth twice a day and use some of the economic and natural remedies that will help you get soft and shiny teeth. These are some of the most popular remedies to whiten teeth naturally.

teeth whitening remedies


Celery is a vegetable with a lot of health benefits, lower blood pressure, prevents cancer and also has much calcium that teeth needed. Celery has a fibrous texture and is composed mostly of water that is very good for whitening teeth. We recommend eating celery because it helps prevent germs.


Strawberries have ascorbic acid that is helpful to remove the discoloration and whitening teeth. But we recommend brushing your teeth after eating strawberries as ascorbic acid is also harmful to the enamel, and thus also avoid tooth decay caused by natural fruit sugars.

Dental floss

Flossing will help us make our teeth look clean and white as it removes stains and particles remaining in l half of the teeth. So get enhance appearance and maintain healthy gums.


A food that is rich in minerals and calcium, so it helps keep teeth white, free of decay and also helpful for the renewal of the enamel. Recommend eating yogurt often since it is healthy for the body and mouth, also reduces the chance of periodontal diseases.


This is a vegetable that helps keep the mouth clean after meals, as it helps to get rid of wastes between teeth. Carrots contain minerals that are useful for removing germs and prevent tooth decay.

With these remedies will acquire white teeth like you always wanted, but do not forget to brush your teeth every day. And remember that you have to have restraint in using these methods, and also we recommend visiting your dentist, always good for a professional opinion.

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