Preeclampsia: Leading cause of maternal death

By its consequences, preeclampsia is considered the leading cause of maternal death. This is a medical complication that occurs during pregnancy, even in the postpartum period, which can cause seizures, stroke, multiple organ failure and death, both of them and the product.

prevent preeclampsia

It is not known exactly what causes this disease, is presented in the second half of pregnancy (from week 20) and is more common in the case of the first, if multiple, adolescent, or older than 35 years.

Prenatal care insurance to prevent
During pregnancy, from the second trimester of pregnancy, may present the hypertension and proteinuria (which is an alteration in the high concentration of protein in the urine and edema renal function, which determine the type of preeclampsia, which can be mild, severe or eclampsia, according to their characteristics and symptoms.

The best way to prevent preeclampsia is to keep a safe birth control, it is essential for all normal tests performed during the same, as well as a prenatal screen, with which you can identify, inter alia, abnormal pregnancy product or fetus.

Also, extreme care is recommended in the presence of risk factors of preeclampsia, such as teen pregnancy or young age (under 16 years), elderly (over 30 years), obesity, first pregnancy risks, and history of diabetes, renal disease and hypertension.