Leukemia: Most common cancer in children

The leukemia is cancer more common in childhood. Any child can have it, from a newborn to a teenager, however, most small diagnosed with this disease are between 4 to 9 years old.

overcoming leukemia

It is proved that there is a better prognosis for children between 1 to 9 years. Those with 10 or more years are at increased risk for leukemia more aggressive, not responding to treatment, and children younger than 1 year have a more delicate situation.

The key to overcoming leukemia

The explanation for this difference in their evolution lies at the origin of the leukemic cells. The lymphoblastic leukemia is the most aggressive T-cell leukemia, most commonly in adolescents with symptomatic with fever, malaise, bleeding, enlarged liver, spleen, lymph nodes and the presence of complications that threaten life quickly.

These patients require very intensive treatment based chemotherapy for two and a half years, and combination drugs that contribute to entirely destroy the cancer cells with a high degree of effectiveness that gradually allow small resume his life.

A child with leukemia requires for its treatment in a basic scheme of chemotherapy, and in some cases radiotherapy, to thus reduce possible risk of recurrence of the disease.

While the treatment is long and requires a total attachment to the scheme designed for particular case, the chances of cure and survive this disease are encouraging, since in the case of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, was able to cure 70-90% of cases, depending on the aggressiveness of the different types that may occur.

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