Pain in the upper part: Causes and Treatment

pain in upper back
June 27, 2015

The pain is concentrated in the top of the back is between the cervical and lumbar. Ailments affect to the so-called back or thoracic vertebrae that reside in the central part of the spinal column. At a general level, the back pain appears when one of the ligaments or muscles that are attached to the vertebrae is injured either by poor posture, excessive use of the area, a bad movement,…


Headache on the right side: Most common causes

headache on right side
February 23, 2015

The pain that tends to occur on the right side of the head is not precisely common pathology. Accompanying the recurring discomfort in the affected area, usually appear others in the area around the right eye can be, in themselves, the main trigger of the disease to inform us of that condition. Migraines on the right side of the head often associated with migraine attacks which ultimately can lead us…


Hand and wrist pain: Why does it happen?

wrist pain
March 1, 2014

Arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are two of the most common problems, which often come accompanied by pain and loss of mobility. Hand, although we pay less attention to proper, is one of the most complex areas of our body as it consists of a total of 19 bones, 17 joints and 19 muscles. A slight discomfort or pain in the hands or wrists treated incorrectly can worsen quality of…


Soft tissue injuries of the foot

soft tissue injuries of the foot
January 2, 2014

What bones, muscles and tendons make up the foot? The foot consists of numerous bones, if we named proximal to distal, the bones that articulate with the ankle are the tarsal bones, then are metatarsal bones, there are five and are called first, second, third, fourth, fifth, that articulate with the phalanges, each finger has 3 phalanges, except the first finger only have two. The first is called phalanges (which…


5 common myths about epilepsy

December 25, 2013

The Epilepsy is a common neurological condition that affects around 1 to 2 percent of the world population. Being a very frequent problem is of medical care and treatment of time, so it is listed as a public health problem. Myths About Epilepsy A patient with epilepsy had seizures or attacks repeatedly with varying frequency, due to excessive discharge of neurons. From that starts, epilepsy has paroxysmal manifestations, i.e. start…


Apply a hot compress for muscle pain

hot compress for muscle pain
December 13, 2013

To place a hot compress is necessary to consider several important factors, such as the temperature of this can not be too high as it can cause burns on the treated area. Then you must gently applied copper to the affected area and leave for at least consecutive periods of five minutes. If muscle pain is not very sharp, feel relief almost immediately, but will take much longer. The best…


How to overcome the continuous headaches

continuous headaches
December 4, 2013

Headaches are such a nasty disease as widespread among the world population, which leaves behind the goal of eliminating as far as possible the appellant of this evil. The most important face to solve the problem is to certify if headaches are transient or persistent. If these are problems may be due to lack of sleep, sun exposure or stress to any specific event. If instead we felt a usual…


You can manage knee pain

knee pain
November 23, 2013

If you find yourself suffering from anterior knee pain, you’ll certainly know. It’s a general term that covers pain around and just behind the kneecap. It can also be caused by problems with the thigh muscles as they help the knee to bend and straighten, and is more common if you are overweight or a sportsperson. Sitting for long periods in one position, climbing stairs, running and kneeling become difficult….


10 physical effects of stress

effects of stress
October 22, 2013

Are you one of those who thinks the tension nerve is already part of your daily emotions? Watch out! The consequences of stress impact on your mood and your health, so it is important to consider in relax a few seconds a day. When a person perceives a threat or feel down, the hypothalamus initiates an alarm system in the body through the nervous system and hormones like adrenaline and…


Ways to protect joints

protect joints
September 18, 2013

Joints are the places in our body where bones meet, thanks to these we can perform various functions such as running or jumping, but as time goes on our joints are susceptible to wear and the arthritis. Therefore it is important to take care of our body and protect joints to maximize its use, mobility and function for as long as possible. Over time, even normal, healthy joints deteriorate, but…