5 Common Myth and reality about back pain

According to a recent survey 65 million Americans suffering from back pain at any phase of their life. Not only that it’s the second most common reason for the American people to visit the doctor. Only the sufferer knows how painful the experience of back pain is.

myth of back pain

Most of the back pain is very difficult to diagnosis. There is the different variety of treatment available for various types of pain. It usually takes time to recover from a chronic back pain. It’s also necessary to note that, all the back pain is not same. Some of them improve in a remarkably shorter period. But most of the people suffer from back pain because they believe in different myths and misconception. The specialist said that most of the people ignore their back pain in the beginning level. Different type of myth and misunderstanding are the root of this kind of ignorance. So, in this article, we are going to discuss different myth about back pain and their fact.

Myth No 1: If a person is physically active, then he/she shouldn’t get back pain

Well, we are not denying the fact that it is less likely to see that physically active people suffering from back pain. But it does not ensure you that, the physically active person is free from back pain. Because there is many physically active person, who is suffering from back pain. For example, Sportsman is always the very much physically active person, but back pain is the common problem in most of them, especially among the cricketers, golfer, and acrobats this a very common problem. So, if a person is physically active he/she has less chance to get back pain, this concept is entirely wrong.

Myth No 2: Myth: If a person has back pain and back problems when he is young, it will get worse as his age increase.

The back-pain problem is highest among the age group of 35 to 55. When the age cross 55 people usually suffer less due to the back pain related problem. The reason is the age increase our spinal cord disk regenerate, and this phenomenon naturally decreases the chance of back pain when age is above 55.

Myth No 3: There is no natural solution to recover from back pain. Long-term medicine treatment or surgery is the only cure for back pain.

This is one of the most common and worst myths about back pain. The fact is there is a lot of natural solution for back pain. Different yoga and physical exercise can decrease the level of back pain. One of the most effective and scientific solutions of back pain is a zero gravity chair. This chair is very much helpful to reduce back pain naturally. In fact, doctors now, a day suggest this particular type of chair after the back-pain surgery. Because zero gravity chair help to reduce the post-surgery recovery time. It is often seen that when a person who is suffering from back pain uses this chair for a long time then they successfully recover from back pain. That’s why the demand and popularity of this chair are increasing day by day.

Myth 4: Long-term pain means that the people who are suffering from this problem need back surgery for his back problem.

The reality is spine surgery success rate decrease when the problem is from long-term. The natural back pain solution as we mention in the earlier point is the best solution for the long-term back problem. If the back pain is a chronic one, then it’s always better to get the surgery in the earlier stage.

Myth 5: If a person’s dad/ mom had back problems then that person has the high probability of having it.

This is another common misconception about back pain. First of all, back pain is not a genetic disease. This problem can happen to anyone and any age group people. So, if anybody thinks that he will suffer from back pain in future because his father or mother had back pain one that thinking is wrong.

It is undeniable that back pain is a dangerous disease if you do not take proper precaution in the early stage and that kind of myth and misconception make this condition even more fetal. So hopefully this post will help to alleviate that misconnection.