Fast And Painless Varicose Vein Relief With Vein Doctor

The physicians at the Metro Vein Centers are highly qualified Professionals in their field. Each one is a member of the American College of Phlebology. Additionally, they are duly recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA). Their physicians are trained experts in the specialized field of varicose vein treatment. Millions of American men and women suffer from varicose veins and other types of vein disorders.

Vein Relief

New York’s Dr. Sethi Is Ready To Help

Dr. Gulshan Sethi works at the Metro Vein Center in Forest Hills, New York. He is Fellowship trained as a surgeon specializing in vascular and endovascular diagnosis and procedures. He performed his Fellowship surgery training at the University of Buffalo in New York, and he completed it in 2017. He is a valued member of one of the Metro Vein’s newest New York centers. The Forest Hills center is easy to get to by bus, train, or car. It’s a short drive from most points in the tri-state area of NJ, NY, and CT.

The Metro Vein Center has many locations throughout the country. They operate vein centers in Texas, New Jersey, and Michigan as well as several in New York. The initial visit with Dr. Sethi in Forest Hills will be a consultation. He will adeptly examine the location and severity varicose vein problem areas. He will review the treatment options with his patients to determine the most appropriate treatment.

Patients suffering with a vein condition will frequently experience swelling, discomfort, or pain in the affected areas. Another symptom is one or more bulging and raised vein. There may also be visible red or blue spidery looking veins in small or large clusters. The vein doctor will thoroughly explain the process he plans to undertake and answer any questions or concerns. There are several different treatments, and all of the options involve non-invasive surgery.

Innovative Treatments And Patient Care

When a patient comes in for treatment at a Metro Vein Center, the entire procedure is performed in the office. Every patient can be confident knowing that they are in the hands of one of the national leaders in the industry. There is no hospital stay or long recovery time. The treatments that are offered for varicose veins take approximately one to two hours. Their techniques are innovative and the equipment is the most up to date technology available. The vein doctor will explain that the recovery time is fast. The patients are ready to go to work directly after the procedure, or they can immediately get back to their activities for the day.

Covered By Most Major Insurance Plans

The procedures for varicose veins and spider veins are covered by Medicare. They are also covered by many of the leading private insurance companies. The centers are highly rated, and Dr. Sethi is highly rated as well, and he cares about the well-being of every one of his patients. All of the staff at the Metro Vein Centers are professional and helpful. They’ll do their best to ensure that you have a comfortable and pleasant experience.